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All Google Stadia launch titles available in 4K with streams locked at 60fps

Google's cloud gaming platform, Stadia, will be able to deliver up to 4K HDR content at 60fps. But will all of those games — some of them having come out long ago — be able to put up as much as the servers are willing to put out? Will they be 4K60, too? The short answer is yes.

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Razer Phone 2 camera app update adds 60fps recording option


Confused about the Pixel 3's missing 60fps video option? Here's what's going on

As soon as the Pixel 3 shipped, customers began identifying a missing element in the camera app. Although marketing materials promised that users could record video at 60fps in 1080p, there was (and still is) no manual setting for switching to the higher frame rate, which some Pixel 3 owners argue is false advertising. In fact, it's not even possible to manually set video to 60fps in 720p. Almost a month later, Google has acknowledged the issue, but hasn't promised a fix yet. That might be due to the fact that the company doesn't consider it a bug — it considers it a feature. 

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The Pixel 3 XL is capable of 1440p60 HDR video playback

We recently learned that the Pixel 3 is pretty good at shooting video, and it turns out that it's not bad at playing video back either. The Pixel 3 XL supports 1440p60 HDR playback, a step up from the Pixel 2 XL's 1080p60 HDR maximum.

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[Deal Alert] Get a YI 4K+/60fps Action Camera for $229.99 ($109.91 off) with Amazon coupon code

In the market for an action cam? Here's something: the YI 4K+/60fps Action Camera is on sale at Amazon for just $229.99 with a coupon code. It even comes with a waterproof case so you can safely capture all your whitewater kayaking high jinks.

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HTC rolling out 1080p 60FPS video recording to the U11

The HTC U11 is a pretty good phone, and certainly an improvement over the earlier U Ultra. HTC previously announced that the phone would recieve an update enabling 1080p 60FPS recording, and now the time has come.

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YouTube 60fps Video Support Appears To Be Rolling Out On Android, Plus 60fps Live Streaming Is Official

We've gotten a few reports today of a new feature hitting the YouTube app, and it's a big one. After an extended public outcry, Google appears to be adding support for 60fps video to Android. Videos shot in 60fps look much smoother and more realistic, but this doesn't seem to be live for everyone yet.


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[New App] YouTube Creator Studio Lets You Manage Your YouTube Channel Remotely, 60FPS Videos And Fan Funding Support Coming Soon

There are big things happening at the world's biggest video site. Which one is biggest will probably depend on exactly what you want out out of Google's streaming behemoth, but the most notable addition from an Android perspective is the new YouTube Creator Studio app. This add-on allows frequent YouTube uploaders to check analytics, likes, comments, and that sort of thing without needing a PC. If you make your living on YouTube, which is statistically unlikely, this will be an invaluable resource.

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Statistics can be broken down into strict views, minutes watched, total subscribers, and monetized earnings, very much like Google Analytics.

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