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Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 750G chipset focuses on HDR gaming and global 5G

Qualcomm is one of the leading chipset suppliers for Android devices, and today its portfolio is getting a little bigger. The company's latest 7-series processor, the Snapdragon 750G, focuses on delivering expanded support for 5G and HDR-capable gaming performance — as well as some major AI advancements in audio.

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The Nokia 8.3 5G is finally coming to the US for $699

Nokia unveiled the 8.3 5G last spring, touting its first venture into unlocked 5G. However, Nokia didn't have any official plans to bring the 8.3 to the US at that time. Starting tomorrow (September 23), you'll be able to order the Nokia 8.3 5G unlocked in the US for $699. Too spendy? Nokia is also revealing two new budget phones, the Nokia 2.4 and 3.4. Those phones will be a mere $139 and $179, respectively.

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Here are the best deals on Samsung's new Galaxy Z Fold2 and the Tab S7 tablets

Samsung announced a slate of new 5G-enabled devices at its Unpacked event last month, including new tablet offerings and the highly anticipated Galaxy Z Fold2, which we reviewed last week. The official release day for the Galaxy Z Fold2, Tab S7, and Tab S7+ is upon us, but some retailers offer better deals than others.

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T-Mobile upgrades the 5G experience on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

The state of 5G still isn't great, but it's getting a little bit better today — for owners of Samsung's Galaxy Note 10+ who use T-Mobile as their cell provider, at least. T-Mobile launched its standalone 5G network last month, and now the company is rolling out an update to the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G that enables support for 5G that doesn't need to be anchored to 4G LTE.

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Specs for the US version of the OnePlus Nord have leaked, and they look pretty good

The OnePlus Nord didn't make it stateside at launch, but OnePlus said that a separate model in the Nord line would come to the US down the line. Speaking with an insider source, Android Central has obtained details on this US-model Nord, dubbed the Nord N10 5G.

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Grab a brand-new, unlocked Galaxy S20+ 5G with 12GB of RAM for $900 from eBay

Samsung released the Galaxy S20+ 5G earlier this year, but you probably didn't buy one. The 6.7" device is equipped with a Quad HD+ 120hz Display, 4500mAh of battery power, and Space Zoom — so it's understandably expensive. But right now, you can pick up a brand new US variant S20+ 5G from Microsoft's eBay Outlet Store for $899.99.

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This is the first 5G roaming agreement for US customers travelling to Japan

Look, we all know the state of 5G here in the US. The latest testing proves that it's not great. AT&T's 5G may be suspect in its home country, but now it's announcing a new roaming agreement that gives customers traveling abroad access to 5G in Japan.

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The Motorola One 5G is coming to AT&T and Verizon, starting at $444.99

Motorola jumped into 5G with both feet in 2019 with the 5G Moto Mod, and the company has launched several smartphones with fully integrated 5G since then. Moto's latest 5G effort in the US is the Motorola One 5G, which will cost less than $500. This device will launch only on AT&T and Verizon, but Verizon's phone will add millimeter wave 5G, and you know what that means.

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The new Motorola Razr is what the first one should have been

Motorola became one of the first device makers to sell a foldable phone when it launched the Razr in early 2020. It's already time for the sequel with better specs, design, and features. It's also a little cheaper, and it won't be exclusive to Verizon. Even without the device in-hand, it sounds much more appealing than the first-gen. Although, it's still a $1,399.99 phone with mid-range specs and unproven display technology.

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5G really sucks right now

5G, the latest generation of wireless connectivity, is all the rage these days. Many high-end phones are supporting it, and Google is gearing up to make it accessible it at a lower price bracket with the upcoming Pixel 4a 5G. But how much day-to-day difference does 5G make for the average user? PCMag's annual network testing in the US reveals that while 4G speeds are getting better, 5G is not yet delivering on its potential.

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