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Qualcomm announces 18 OEMs will build 5G devices in 2019 with its X50 modem

At the company's "5G Day" event in San Diego yesterday, Qualcomm announced that it had secured 18 OEM partners to build 5G devices using its new X50 5G modem in 2019. Notable among them are handset makers Nokia (HMD), Sony, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, HTC, LG, ASUS, and ZTE. Conspicuously absent at the time of this writing is Samsung, though the two companies did just announce a long-term cross-licensing agreement, so you'd have to think they were on track to build a phone with this new modem, too.

Other companies in the list can be found in the press release below, though most of the others are in the component or supply chain side of the business.

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What is 5G? The layman's guide

5G. You're aware of it, probably. You've at least likely whizzed past it unblinkingly in a press release or heard and ignored it in a sound byte from a CEO or analyst, as 5G is increasingly a very hot topic in the biz.

But wait, aren't we just kind of now starting to get 4G everywhere? Isn't it too early to be talking about the next generation of wireless technology? Actually: yes. It kind of is. And that's part of what this piece is about - providing a bit of a reality check on 5G, what it is, what it means for you (or doesn't), and when you can expect it.

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