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5G but actually 4G


AT&T announces its first '5G Evolution' mobile hotspot, goes on sale October 27

Here we see the wild NETGEAR Nighthawk router in its natural habitat - the beautiful forests of the northwestern United States. He's a massive beast, towering over the other woodland animals, but he's a gentle giant. You can see him hunting for fish in the local river - truly one of the most majestic inhabitants of the forest.

Oh wait, that's not a real picture? Wow AT&T, way to be deceitful with the product pictures. Anyways, the apparently not-massive NETGEAR Nighthawk mobile hotspot was announced today by AT&T.

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T-Mobile announces it will use its new 600MHz spectrum to build a 5G network - at some point

Everyone's favorite performance-artist-CEO has put up another amazing video about his company's plans for 5G. We announced T-Mobile's recent purchase of whole swaths of the 600MHz spectrum, and today CEO John Legere announced in one of his regular videos exactly how it plans on using it. Some of it will be going to expand current 4G LTE capacity and penetration, but a portion is to be set aside for their future 5G implementation.

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AT&T is the first carrier to say it has a "5G" network, which is complete bullshit

I didn't think it would be AT&T, but I knew we could count on one of America's lovely carriers to open the door to the complete and utter ruination of any agreed-upon definition of "5G." Today, AT&T announced a bunch of new 4G LTE features (which is what they are) were being rolled out to its network, and it's given these features a name: 5G Evolution.

Now, the reason 5G has a qualifier is simple: because this isn't 5G. It'd be like taking the inline 4-cylinder engine out of your car, replacing it with a V6, but saying that you're now running a V8 Evolution, because hey, you're closer to a V8 than you were before.

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