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UC Browser hits 500 million downloads on the Play Store


LINE Reaches 500 Million Downloads On Google Play, More Proof Of How Popular Messaging Apps Are

LINE, a messaging app popular in Asia, and growing in popularity in Europe and America, has passed 500 million downloads on the Play Store, joining an exclusive club which currently includes Dropbox, Instagram, and Skype.

LINE reportedly has 700 million users, according to estimates last year. Like many messaging apps, LINE can do voice calls and video chats, plus stickers and basic photo/video storage. Two of its key rivals, Messenger and WhatsApp, both owned by Facebook, have 900 million and 1 billion users (and both have over 1 billion downloads), so LINE still has a way to go until it achieves world domination, at least in the messaging space.

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Dropbox Android App Passes 500 Million Installs On Google Play

Many of Google's apps have passed a billion installs. This sounds like a large accomplishment, until you consider that shipping pre-installed counts as being installed. In that case, it's more impressive when third-party software makes the list. Dropbox isn't at a billion yet, but it's now halfway there.

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Instagram Passes The 500 Million Installs Milestone, Tries To Catch Siblings Facebook And Messenger

The Instagram Android app has acquired over 500 million installs, a milestone that only a few items in the Play Store can claim. The majority of them come from Google, but Instagram marks the third one from Facebook.

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Facebook Messenger passed this bar back in August of last year. By the next month, the main Facebook app managed more than double that amount.

Aside from Google and Facebook, only two other companies have made it into this exclusive club, with one gaining access on a technicality. Microsoft is in, thanks to Skype. The other is Samsung, whose Push Service has managed this many installs with most users not even aware that it exists, let alone actively searching for it in the Play Store.

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Skype Reaches 500 Million Installs On Google Play, Becomes Just The 4th Company To Do So

Congratulations are in order for Skype. The well-established app known for providing free voice and video calls, along with instant messaging, has surpassed 500 million installs on Google Play.


Skype (or should we say, Microsoft) is only the fourth company to meet this threshold. Google obviously has the most, with more than a dozen apps boasting over 500 million installs. Facebook gets the number two position thanks to its popular social network, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Samsung gets number three, but since its sole app in the rankings is the Samsung Push Service, that's mainly a technicality. Skype really has third place bragging rights here.

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Play Movies & TV Becomes Latest Google App To Reach The 500 Million Downloads Milestone

Google's apps, alongside Facebook's, remain the only Android apps to reach over 500 million users. Some of the tech giant's offerings, such as Gmail and YouTube, have even managed more than a billion downloads.

Now Play Movies & TV has become the company's latest app to join the former category. On Google Play, it resides in the 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 range.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 at 9.59.56 AM

This is a significant achievement for Play Movies, a brand that has only really been around since the Android Market turned into the Play Store not much more than a couple of years ago. While the service has expanded into many countries, TV shows are only available in a handful.

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