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Prisma passes 50 million downloads on the Play Store

It may seem far in the past now, but the craze surrounding Prisma was extraordinary. It became available on the Play Store to everyone in late July 2016, around a year and four months ago. Now the photo-editing app has reached 50 million installs on the Play Store, which is no small feat.

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Snapseed passes 50 million downloads on the Play Store

We've covered Google's photo-editing app, Snapseed, plenty of times here. It's one of the best photo manipulation apps available for Android, especially considering it's completely free. If you needed more proof that the app is awesome, maybe the app's 50 million downloads will convince you.

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Nova Launcher just hit 50 million downloads on the Play Store

It's not often that apps that aren't made by a giant company or preloaded reach a threshold as monumental as 50 million downloads, but TeslaCoil Software's Nova Launcher, everyone's favorite custom launcher, has gone ahead and done just that. That's seriously impressive.

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PPSSPP, the PSP emulator, passes 50 million installs on the Play Store

Most of the apps that pass 50 million downloads on the Play Store are ones from major companies, but not this time. The newest app to join the 50 million club is PPSSPP, the popular open-source emulator for the Sony PlayStation Portable.

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Facebook Messenger Lite passes 50 million downloads

Facebook released a lite version of its Messenger application near the end of last year. As with most Lite apps, it's designed to be used in growing markets, where cellular data may be a limited resource. It's less than 10MB, works on Android 2.3 or higher, and has all of the essential features of the full app.

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Google Duo reaches 50 million downloads on the Play Store

Of the two communication apps that Google announced last year at I/O, it's not a surprise that Duo found a larger appeal and better reception than Allo. It wasn't battling against existing juggernaut standards like SMS or widespread opponents like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and even at launch, it seemed like it did the basics right. The outcry over its missing features was far less brutal than Allo's and with just a few small changes from Skype and Facetime, Duo managed to delight and impress. Simplicity and immediacy are the reasons I, and many others, fell in love with it.

Over the months, Duo has continued its faster progression compared to Allo.

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Report: Twitter In Talks To Buy TweetDeck For $50 Million

I know the subject of Twitter buying another company is not directly related to Android, but considering the importance of the social service in our day-to-day operations and the target of the rumor being TweetDeck, a crowd favorite when it comes to Twitter clients, I thought I'd give this one a mention.

According to a report published today by The Wall Street Journal, Twitter is reportedly in talks to buy TweetDeck for $50 million. This comes after relatively recent news of UberMedia's $30 million bid in cash and stock. As we've seen, UberMedia and Twitter don't have the best rapport, so keeping TweetDeck out of UberMedia's hands may well be in the best interest of Twitter itself.

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Race To The Top - Google Maps Is The First Android App To Ever Pass 50 Million Downloads

While Google Maps already made headlines today for omitting the changelog in the latest update, causing hundreds of 1-star comments, it does have a reason to celebrate, which overshadows this snafu by a long shot. The 50,000,000 installation mark, never before achieved by any app in the Market, has been reached, and by none other than Google Maps, making it the most downloaded Android application ever.

It's no surprise - the absolute brilliance of the Maps team helped create a product which wows first-time users, single-handedly lures them over to Android, and keeps innovating time and time again. Who needs a standalone GPS device when you've got Google Maps?

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