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Google Opinion Rewards reaches 50 million installs on Play Store

Most of our readers are probably familiar with Google's Opinion Rewards app, which earns you Play Store credit (or actual cash, if you're on iOS) for answering surveys. They're usually based on things like your recent location history or Google service use, which can bother those with a strong interest in privacy. Still, it's proven to be popular: The app just reached 50 million installs on the Play Store.

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Fitbit hits 50 million installs on the Play Store

Fitbit offers some of the most popular fitness trackers, and many people use the brand name to describe any health band. With that recognition, four iterations of the Charge on the market, and some ventures into the smartwatch space with the Versa and the Ionic, you should think that the company already got millions of devices into customers' hands. The Play Store listing seems to confirm as much — the Fitbit app has just reached 50 million installs over the weekend.

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