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WhatsApp becomes second non-Google app to reach five billion installs on Android

Only a handful of Android applications have reached five billion downloads, with most of them being Google's pre-installed apps. Facebook reached the landmark last year, likely thanks to its partnerships with Samsung and other OEMs, and now Facebook-owned WhatsApp has joined the elite club.

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Google Play Music marches to the beat of its own drum, reaches 5 billion Play Store downloads

We all know Google Play Music's days are numbered and it's only been playing second fiddle to YouTube Music for over a year. You can't unring that bell, but at least Play Music is getting the opportunity to enjoy its swan song: the app has now crossed 5 billion downloads on the Play Store.

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Google Chrome for Android hits 5 billion installs, 20 trillion tabs (probably)


The Play Store's five-billion-installs club just got its fifth member — everyone's favorite RAM-hogging browser, Google Chrome. Joining the ranks of Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and Google Search, Chrome for Android's number of downloads has hit a figure comparable to Earth's population.

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Gmail follows YouTube, Maps, and Search in joining 5 billion installs club


After YouTube and Maps, Google app becomes third app to get 5 billion downloads on the Play Store

Over the weekend, the Google Maps app reached 5 billion downloads on the Play Store and we celebrated that momentous occasion with virtual champagne and confetti — well, just a short post really. However, our eyebrows were a little raised when we noticed that the Google app still hadn't made it to that coveted number, but now they're dropping as it has just caught up.

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Google Maps hits 5 billion downloads on the Play Store, does it after YouTube but before the Google app

Being physically lost is apparently a much bigger incentive for app usage than being at a loss from an information perspective. The Google Maps app has just hit over 5 billion downloads on the Play Store, beating Google's own search app to the punch. The latter still hasn't reached that coveted number, but we all know it's a matter of time.

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YouTube hits 5 billion installs on the Play Store

YouTube has been streaming video since before some of our younger readers were born. Since its launch in 2005, it's become mind-bogglingly popular. It also comes pre-loaded on every Android phone with access to Google Play, which has led to a significant milestone in the app's history: YouTube has now seen more than five billion installations on Android.

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Google Play Services passes five billion downloads, becomes first app to do so

Five billion is a big number. If you combine the populations of the top 10 most-populated countries on Earth, you get less than that number. The best-selling game console of all time, the PlayStation 2, only sold enough units to cover 3.2% of five billion. Google Play Services has now passed five billion downloads on the Play Store, becoming the first app to do so.

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