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[Update: Xperia Z3v Too] Verizon's Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 Gets An Over-The-Air Bump From Android 5.0.2 To 5.1.1

At this point, anyone who really cares about getting speedy Android updates knows to avoid using Verizon if possible, with a few exceptions for flagship devices. Those exceptions don't extend to tablets, even high-end ones. Case in point: the Verizon Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 is now getting its Android 5.1.1 update... a year after the software was released, and more than four months after the release of the latest version, Android 6.0.

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Motorola Posts Android 5.1.1 Kernel Source For The 2013 Moto X (Ghost)

It's definitely not getting an Android 6.0 update, but the original Moto X is still getting Android 5.1.1. As is customary (i.e. required), Motorola has posted the kernel source for the update. You can grab it on GitHub if you're the developer sort.

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Samsung Updates Verizon's Galaxy Core Prime From Android 4.4 All The Way To 5.1.1

Android updates are in the spotlight again, thanks to Motorola's questionable dedication to its own recent products. And while you can (usually) count on at least one or two software updates for most flagship phones, sometimes a low-end device comes back and surprises you. Such is the case with the Galaxy Core Prime, a Verizon exclusive in the US which launched with Android 4.4 back in February. At the time the relatively small and underpowered budget phone was promised an update to Lollipop. Quoting David earlier this year: "Oh, and it actually comes with a promise of a Lollipop upgrade, so that's good, though how long it'll take is anyone's guess."

You can stop guessing: it took a little less than eight months.

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AOSP Developer Changelog Posted For v5.1.1_r6 (LMY48G) To v5.1.1_r9 (LMY48I)

Earlier today, Google released updated factory images for all of its supported Nexus devices to patch up some reasonably serious vulnerabilities in a core Android library called Stagefright. While we await the stream of OTAs that are sure to follow, there's a fresh code drop to the Android Open Source Project containing security-related patches. Don't expect to see any new features or user-facing changes, this one is all about closing loopholes. Nevertheless, there are some interesting things to peek at.

A quick look at the changelog shows the highest concentration of fixes were made to frameworks/av (audio/visual), which is used extensively in the Stagefright library.

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T-Mobile's LG G Stylo And LG Leon Are Being Updated To Android 5.1.1, With A Wi-Fi Calling Fix For Good Measure

Well this is a pleasant surprise. The mid-range LG G Stylo and LG Leon both appeared on T-Mobile's lineup just a couple of months ago, and now they're getting their first significant updates. Significant in fact because they're coming to the very latest public build of Android. T-Mobile's support pages for both phones were updated this morning telling users to expect an over-the-air update to Android 5.1.1. Both phones (also somewhat surprisingly) ran Lollipop 5.0 when they first launched on the US carrier.


Both phones are getting additional fixes on top of the extra Android features in 5.1, namely "improved battery life (for Wi-Fi Calling) and display." Exactly what improving the display entails isn't mentioned.

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Nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi Gets A New Android 5.1.1 Factory Image (LMY48G) But There's Not Much Inside


AOSP Developer Changelog Posted For v5.1.1_r4 (LMY47Z) To v5.1.1_r5 (LYZ28E), And It's Actually Quite Long

It seems like the only thing anybody can talk about is Android M, but we should remember that we've got about 4 more months with Lollipop v5.1.1 as the current version until Mango Mojito (probably not) is officially released in October. This is no more apparent than when an update appears on AOSP and brings with it thousands of changes. In fact, this update is large enough it probably deserved more than a barely noticeable revision bump.


The code drop for LYZ28E comes a bit later than expected, since the build number was first seen in a Nexus 6 update that began rolling out a month ago.

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Nexus 6 Android 5.1.1 Update With T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Should Hopefully Roll Out This Weekend

Android 5.1.1 is working its way through Google's lengthy list of Nexus devices. After coming to Wi-Fi tablets first, this week we saw it start to hit cellular devices like the Nexus 5, N4, and N9 LTE. As you may have noticed, Google's latest smartphone didn't make the list. With any luck, the Nexus 6 will get an over-the-air update sometime this weekend.

T-Mobile Product Evangelist Des recently sent out this tweet. Note the hashtag.

If that's not enough—scroll down.

Screenshot 2015-05-22 at 9.36.15 AM

This tweet follows one sent out over a week ago, when Des said the Nexus 6 update, along with support for Wi-Fi calling, looked like it would take 7 - 10 days to fix and test.

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