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Sony 65" 4K Android TV is Amazon's Deal of the Day at $898 ($122 off)

If you've been holding off on getting a new TV for your work-from-home headquarters or you're looking to get out of the house with a blast of your favorite music, Sony's got a bunch of products on Amazon's Deal of the Day catalogue right now. How does an 49" 4K Android TV for $499?

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New H.266/VVC video compression standard promises the same quality at half the size of H.265/HEVC

While people always talk about how each new Snapdragon chip benchmarks or its power efficiency, some of the things that matter most are the features that are often overlooked. Someday soon, you may want a phone that supports the newly announced H.266/VVC video codec. Fraunhofer HHI says its compression can deliver ultra high definition videos at half the size without sacrificing quality.

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Insignia's brand new 4K Fire TVs are already receiving major discounts (up to $100 off)

When it comes to home entertainment, there are plenty of options to choose from. Google is working on a new TV dongle, but who knows when that'll be released. If you're itching to upgrade your living room setup right now, Amazon's Fire TVs are solid choices, especially if you're a Prime subscriber invested in the Alexa-enabled ecosystem. Insignia's newest 4K Fire TV models were released last month, but now they're already getting some major discounts.

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Insignia and Toshiba's new 4K Fire TVs start at $240

Amazon, through Insignia and Toshiba, is iterating on its entry-level 4K Fire TV Editions with new 43", 50", and 55" models for 2020. Some are available for purchase right now between the U.S. and Canada with stark differences in starting prices.

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Google Play Movies & TV will upgrade movies to 4K for free (Update: Now in the UK)

Google has announced a couple of significant changes to Play Movies & TV that will have a considerable impact on owners of 4K televisions. Starting today, some previously-purchased movies will automatically be upgraded to 4K quality once it's available. The price of newly-purchased 4K content on the platform is also going down.

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You can save up to $500 on Sony's premium 4K TVs right now

4K TVs have almost completed their takeover to become the de facto standard resolution being sold, and you don't have to pay a king's ransom for them anymore. If you want to a more high-end experience though, right now is the time to bite — many's of Sony's premium 4K sets are on sale right now for up to $500 off.

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Grab TCL's 4K Roku-enabled 55-inch TV for just $450 ($80 off)

Streaming has become the dominant form of entertainment — especially as of late — and having all your options available in one easy-to-access place is becoming a luxury we can all afford. Today, Amazon has TCL's 55-inch Roku-enabled Smart TV for just $450, giving you 4K capabilities and streaming services in a decently-priced packaged.

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Doom Eternal on Stadia won't be 'true 4K,' but it will outperform the PS4 Pro version

The main promise of Google's Stadia streaming platform is that it's not bound by the limitations of fixed hardware: it can scale to accommodate the demands of the game, instead of the other way around. However, it seems one of 2020's biggest titles will push Stadia to its limits: Doom Eternal.

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Stadia is rolling out 4K support on the web

Stadia's launch was rough, to say the least — it felt like a beta release. Google promised a ton of features that ended up not being available back in November 2019, and they're only now trickling down into the service one by one. The company is picking up steam, though. After just making screenshots and captures downloadable this week, Stadia has now also added 4K support to its Chrome version for some users.

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Xiaomi's bargain Mi Box S running Android TV is down to all-time low of $30 ($30 off MSRP) (Update: Dead again)

When you think Android TV Box, you might think Nvidia Shield TV right away, but the company best known for its graphics cards isn't the only one offering a capable big screen experience for Android. Xiaomi's Mi Box S is a neat little device outputting 4K HDR to your TV, and it's on sale at Walmart, going for only $30. That's the lowest we've ever seen and $5 less than the recent offer of $35.

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