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SanDisk one-day sale drops 400GB ($62) and 200GB ($29) microSD cards to all-time-low prices

Flash storage prices are usually on a downward trajectory, so if you don't need something immediately, it makes sense waiting for a better deal down the line. Sometimes though, we see prices that don't look like they'll come back soon, like in today's sale on SanDisk Ultra microSD cards — with 400GB available for $62 and 200GB for $29.

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SanDisk Ultra microSD Amazon sale includes 400GB card for just $80

We get it: With microSD card prices dropping all the time, it can be tricky to get excited about all-time low prices. After all, chances are they're just going to be even lower tomorrow. But there are those deals that slowly trickle down, and then there are those that positively obliterate earlier prices. We're leaning much more in the latter direction for this new batch of SanDisk microSD sales at Amazon, the highlight of which is a 400GB card for just under $80.

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SanDisk releases a 400GB microSD card for your data-hoarding needs

The abundance of storage capacity is perhaps the most visible indicator of how far along technology has come. Just a decade ago, the highest capacity microSD card was 8GB. If you've been looking to store an insane amount of data on your phone, tablet, or other microSD-compatible device, SanDisk revealed a 400GB microSD card at IFA in Berlin.

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