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SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSD card drops to its lowest price ever ($57) on Amazon

Storage is getting really cheap. The SSD market has finally calmed down and we're seeing prices drop like mad over there (great if you're building or upgrading your PC), but over here in our neck of the woods, microSD cards are also seeing some good sales. Should you need some mega storage space for your phone or Nintendo Switch, then you're going to want to check this out. Amazon has SanDisk's 400GB Ultra card for a mere $56.99, the lowest price we've seen.

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[Deal Alert] SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSD is down to $189.99 ($60 off), 256GB is $99.99 ($50 off), 200GB is $62.99 ($22 off) on Amazon

Most phones come with at least 32GB nowadays, with 64GB being the standard for flagships and 128GB available as an upgrade. But if you need more storage - and by more, I mean a crapload more - SanDisk's 400GB Ultra microSD card has been discounted to $189.99 today. That's $60 off MSRP, though you'll have to be willing to wait a few weeks for it to hit your doorstep. 256GB and 200GB cards have noticeable discounts as well.

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SanDisk releases a 400GB microSD card for your data-hoarding needs

The abundance of storage capacity is perhaps the most visible indicator of how far along technology has come. Just a decade ago, the highest capacity microSD card was 8GB. If you've been looking to store an insane amount of data on your phone, tablet, or other microSD-compatible device, SanDisk revealed a 400GB microSD card at IFA in Berlin.

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