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[Case settled, 5GE indicator to remain] Mocked and now sued — AT&T taken to court by Sprint over misleading 5GE indicator

AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan won't be smiling now — while T-Mobile and Verizon calling out AT&T's "5GE" antics may have amused him, news of the federal lawsuit filed by Sprint against the company likely will not. In a strongly-worded complaint filed with the Southern District of New York, Sprint is looking to get AT&T to stop referring to its 4G LTE Advanced network by the misleading term 5G Evolution, or any other similar name with the words 5G in it.

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AT&T is the first carrier to say it has a "5G" network, which is complete bullshit

I didn't think it would be AT&T, but I knew we could count on one of America's lovely carriers to open the door to the complete and utter ruination of any agreed-upon definition of "5G." Today, AT&T announced a bunch of new 4G LTE features (which is what they are) were being rolled out to its network, and it's given these features a name: 5G Evolution.

Now, the reason 5G has a qualifier is simple: because this isn't 5G. It'd be like taking the inline 4-cylinder engine out of your car, replacing it with a V6, but saying that you're now running a V8 Evolution, because hey, you're closer to a V8 than you were before.

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