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Shadowmatic is a gorgeous puzzle game of space and silhouettes

Simple, straightforward puzzle games are du jour on mobile platforms, but that doesn't mean they can't be visually impressive. Shadowmatic from developer Triada Studios is a great example. This puzzler uses basic principles of light and spatial arrangement as elements of its brain-teasers, challenging players to correctly align floating objects and create perfect silhouettes. The game is also visually stunning, using its 3D lighting effects and an essential element of the gameplay.

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DraStic Nintendo DS Emulator Updated With Android TV Support, High-Res 3D, Custom Shader Support, And More

The Nintendo DS, though pretty old by game standards, is a tricky thing to emulate. Aside from the dual screens, it uses standard button, touchscreen, and microphone inputs, and it has a plethora of 2D and 3D games available. Despite this, DraStic remains the best emulator for the DS on the Play Store (and one of the most complete emulators for Android regardless of system). The latest update adds even more goodies.

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First and foremost, DraStic is now compatible with Android TV, much to the delight of SHIELD TV owners. (Hint: remap one of the extra buttons on your controller to switch between the Nintendo DS screens.) There's also a new high-resolution 3D mode - polygonal graphics can be upscaled for HD play in ways that won't work for pixel graphics.

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