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[Update: Dead] Rylo 360-degree 5.8K action camera on sale for $200 at Best Buy ($300 off)

The Rylo action camera, which can capture 360° videos in resolutions up to 5.8K at 24 FPS, was launched during the spring of 2018 for $500. As of today, it's now on sale for an incredible and its lowest-ever price of $200 at Best Buy.

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Insta360 One X review: A luxury 360-degree action camera worth the splurge

Depending on the tech circle you're in, 360 cameras may either be the most superfluous fad or the coolest thing. I used to be in the former camp and my LG 360 Cam collected dust in a drawer for years, but over the past months, I've found a new appreciation for the product category. It's partly thanks to the number of cool "tiny planet" creators I follow on Instagram, but most importantly, it's because of a shift in my understanding of what a 360-degree camera can do.

If you think that these cams are only good for photospheres and VR, you're missing out.

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Insta360 announces the ONE X: 360-degree 5.7K action camera for $400

For most people, 360-degree cameras are a novelty item that they're willing to spend a maximum of $100 on, just to see what the fuss is about. That nets them a low-resolution, low-quality sensor, with limited features. For those who get bitten by the 360-degree bug though, a cheap camera won't do. The higher the resolution and specs, the better. And that's where the new Insta360 ONE X lands. It's capable of taking 5.7K videos and comes with built-in stabilization, for an awesome shoot-now-edit-later approach.

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Garmin announces the VIRB 360-degree action camera, can record video at 5.7k and costs $799.99

There are a handful of good 360-degree cameras for consumers, like the Samsung Gear 360 and EZVIZ Mini 360. Garmin's first entry into this product category was announced today - the VIRB 360. It's a pretty powerful little camera, but you'll be paying a premium for it.

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YouTube in the living room now supports 360-degree video

I can't say I watch 360-degree videos much on YouTube... or at all. But I'm sure some people do, and if you are one of those people, you'll be happy to know that you can now easily view 360-degree content on your living room TV.

Google says the new functionality should work on any YouTube television apps, be it on your Xbox One or Android TV. I assume it will work on the Chromecast as well, but that was not explicitly mentioned. When viewing 360-degree content, you can use your remote's directional keys to move the viewfinder.

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Periscope for Android now supports broadcasting 360-degree video

What's cooler than running a live stream from your phone? How about a live stream from your phone in 360 degrees? Periscope has been testing the feature with select accounts for a few months now, and just recently opened it up to all iOS users. Now the Android app supports broadcasting in 360 degrees as well.

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Samsung's reveals a new Gear 360 camera, smaller and lighter than the original

Samsung's Gear 360 from last year was a pretty neat little camera. Like many similar products, it recorded 360-degree video with two fish-eye lenses. But it had a few faults - it only officially worked with Galaxy phones, and it was fairly expensive at $350. Alongside the Galaxy S8, Samsung revealed a new model of the Gear 360.

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