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YouTube Gains 360-Degree Live Streaming And Spatial Audio

360-degree video can have the effect of making you feel like you're standing in a different place. It's not unlike a previous technological innovation that sought to do the same thing—live video. Watching a live event on TV remains the most common alternative to getting tickets and attending in person.

Today Google has announced a marriage of the two. YouTube now supports live 360-degree video.

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YouTube v10.21 Adds Cardboard Support To 360-Degree Videos For The True In-Your-Face Experience [APK Download]

A couple of months ago, Google brought 360-degree videos to YouTube. While we're still not seeing a lot of multi-directional content popping up, it has certainly warranted some attention, including a fairly lengthy mention during the Google I/O 2015 Keynote presentation. At the time, we learned that YouTube would be adding VR video support for Cardboard later this summer. In a rare turn of events, Google's claim of "later this summer" actually meant it was one week away – or six days, to be exact.

2015-06-04 01.41.112015-06-04 01.52.14

left: old version, right: new version. Note the cardboard symbol next to the timeline

Now, whenever a 360-degree video begins playing, the overlay screen will show the Cardboard logo just to the right of the track bar shortly before the entire overlay fades out.

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YouTube Now Supports A Search Filter For 360-Degree Videos

Just last month, YouTube added support for 360-degree videos, giving us yet another way to thoroughly confound our grandparents with the cool new stuff that can be done with gadgets. We had an early warning this was coming after a Teardown exposed an option to filter search results for "spherical" and 4k videos. A subsequent update to the YouTube app enabled the filter for 4k videos, but mysteriously ignored spherical videos. It looks like it's finally time to take more of those 360 videos for a spin, Google is finally letting users filter for them in the Android app and web interface.

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[Hands-On] Autoblog 360 By AOL Puts You In The Driver's Seat Of A Luxury Car And Lets You Take A 360-Degree Look Around

Most of us don't have the money or smooth-talking skills necessary to walk into a luxury car dealership and ask for a test drive of the latest vehicle, or even just get the chance to sit down behind the wheel and use our imagination. But thanks to the marvels of modern technology, there's no need to even put yourself in such an precarious situation. Just reach for your Android tablet and fire up AOL's Autoblog 360. This app will sit you in the front seat of many luxury vehicles and give you a 360-degree look around that would make Google Maps proud.

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Download The Android 4.2 Camera/Gallery App With New UI, Editing, Photo Sphere [Update: Now With Working Sphere Viewer]

UPDATE: We've updated the links below with an install package that lets you capture and view Photo Spheres right on your handset.

One of the most popular features introduced Monday with Android 4.2 was a revamped camera/gallery app (that we got a peek at early). The camera introduces a new focus/settings UI (popping up with an "options ring" only when you need it), a refreshed gallery interface, and of course – Photo Sphere.

Photo Sphere, for those who missed it, allows users to capture 360° images of their surroundings a la Google Maps, using XML data in concert with an enormous JPG file to help you save an immersive photo experience of where you've been.

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[New App] Photo 360° Takes Awesome 360 Degree Panoramas Of Surroundings, Items, Or Pretty Much Anything Else

There's no shortage of camera apps in Google's Play Store, but every once in a while a new one hits that really wows us. That's the case with Photo 360° - a super sleek new app that lets you capture a full 360 degree view of your surroundings, items, yourself (using the front-facing camera on your device), or almost anything else you can imagine. Here's a quick look at how it works:

Pretty sick, no? Not only does the app allow you to catch some really rad photos, but it also includes the ability to capture sound along with the picture, as well.

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360° View Of HTC Merge Discovered On Verizon's Site, Quickly Pulled

An Android Central forums member managed to find the 360° view Flash file for the HTC Merge, and Phil @ AC was smart enough to grab a video of it in action before it was pulled. It's nice to finally be able to see how this guy looks all the way around - a screen and keyboard shot only gets you so far, after all.

A bit gaudy for my tastes, but I'm a simple kind of man.

[Source: Android Central]

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