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Android Studio will discontinue updates for 32-bit PCs this year

16 years after the first 64-bit x86 processor was released, the PC industry has been taking steps to move away from the older 32-bit architecture. Many popular games and applications are dropping support for 32-bit processors, and Google announced today that 32-bit machines will soon no longer receive Android Studio updates.

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Play Store to phase out 32-bit apps on 64-bit devices by 2021, all new apps from August 1 must be 64-bit

While Apple phased out 32-bit apps on iOS over a year ago, Google has been taking its time — likely because there are still many 32-bit Android phones and tablets still in use. Google announced in December 2017 that 32-bit apps would eventually be phased out on 64-bit devices, and now the company has provided specific dates for the process.

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