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headphones wired using when swapped channels audio right and left report users OnePlus Some

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are better than ever these days, yet many of us are still holding on to our trusty wired headphones for their reliability. But for some of these users with OnePlus phones, a mysterious glitch has been swapping left and right audio channels.

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Weekend poll: Would you buy a smartphone without a headphone jack?

Back in 2016, we asked our readers about their feelings when it came to the still nascent trend of removing the headphone jack from phones. At the time, collective opinions were firmly against the concept, but 2016 was two years ago. Not two months later, Google would be cracking jokes at Apple during its Pixel launch event about the phone's "satisfyingly not new" headphone jack, blissfully ignorant of its coming hypocrisy.

As more and more OEMs drop the jack in favor of the dongle, we're curious if your feelings have changed. Would you buy a smartphone without a headphone jack now, in 2018?

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First, they came for your phone's headphone jack—is the USB port next?

When Apple released the first iPhone without a headphone jack two years ago, many - critics, consumers, and competitors alike - were quick to cry foul. The decision was widely derided arrogant and unfriendly, and CMO Phil Schiller took a well-deserved beating in the court of public opinion for calling the removal of the 3.5mm jack “courageous.”

Imagine, then, what would happen if Apple was to remove the charging and data port from the iPhone entirely.

It's not as wild as it sounds. A report from trusted Apple leaker Mark Gurman recently revealed that the company had considered doing just that with the iPhone X.

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Some Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners claiming included headphone adapter doesn't work

The second-generation Pixel phones have had some struggles. Following user reports of problems with the OLED display, strange effects when taking photos of LED lights, seemingly muted microphones, a mysterious buzzing noise, random reboots, and crashes in Android Auto mode, it has been a tumultuous time for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners. Multiple users in the Google Product Forums have now claimed that the USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapters are not working on their phones, with sound instead being played through the device.

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Weekend poll: Would you buy a smartphone without a headphone jack?

More and more, it seems the headphone jack is being considered an acceptable casualty in the name of modern smartphone design. LeEco generated headlines when they dropped it on their new devices, but perhaps the biggest stir came when Motorola announced the Z and Z and Force would forego 3.5mm ports in favor of... a dongle.

This caused considerable consternation. Some, though, were in favor of it - Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are increasingly popular today, and while I'd argue the traditional cabled headphone still very much has its place, that place is probably less a smartphone than it was three or four years ago.

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The Moto Z Doesn't Have A 3.5mm Headphone Jack, Includes A Type-C To Headphone Adapter Instead

Lenovo and Motorola unveiled the 2016 Moto flagships today at Tech World with a line of modular back plates and a few months of Verizon exclusivity (boo). That's not the only thing to be annoyed about. According to Motorola's spec sheet for the Moto Z devices, it only does audio over the Type-C port. We've checked out the device in real life to confirm, and there's no headphone jack to be found. This does not seem like a good idea.

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Review: Philips Fidelio AS851 Android Speaker Dock - When An Awesome Speaker Meets An Amazing Dock

I wouldn't exactly say it's a secret, but I'm a bit of a closet audiophile. I've reviewed a couple of audio products for Android devices in the past (like portable speakers and headphones), and am always interested in Android-friendly sound solutions.

Today, I'm taking a look at the Philips Fidelio AS851 (yes, that is kind of a lame name), Philips' top-of-the-line Android speaker dock. How can a speaker dock be designed for Android, you ask? Well, Philips realized that their popular line of iPhone docks could pretty easily be converted to be Android friendly by changing the dock connector to a microUSB connection, and releasing the Fidelio app for Android handsets.

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