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The iPhone SE is the Pixel 4a's worst nightmare

Apple suprised some with a brand-new iPhone SE last month, and while it wasn't totally unexpected, I still think there was some real shock value to the newest member of the iPhone family: it's small, it's cheap, and it's seriously powerful. At $400, the 2nd gen iPhone SE may not be a serious price competitor with the most affordable Android smartphones, but it's going to go straight up against the expected Pixel 4a, and I'm just not sure Google's budget handset will have what it takes to win out in a comparison.

Let's take the two side by side.

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iPhone SE 2020 review: I wish $400 Android phones were this good

We're the Android Police, and Google's mobile operating system is our raison d'être, our bread and butter, the most essential and integral part of our site's very existence. Still, it doesn't exist in isolation. Apple's iPhones continue to dominate the US market, and the new iPhone SE might have some of us wondering if the grass is any greener with iOS these days. That's subjective, and I can't really answer that for you. But I can say that the 2020 version of the iPhone SE pushes its $400 price tag further than any mid-range Android phone.

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