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Google Authenticator v5.0 adds USB security key support to Chrome and makes copying codes easier [APK Download]

Google Authenticator is one of many two-factor authentication apps available for Android. While Google's attention is more focused on phone login prompts, Authenticator remains a popular choice for having all your 2FA codes for all your accounts in one place. The app has now been updated to v5.0, with a few useful additions in store.

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Yubico's new $60 YubiKey 4C Nano is insanely small and uses USB Type-C

We're putting USB Type-C connectors on everything these days: phones, tablets, laptops, accessories - you name it. The latest USB-C product on the market comes in the form of the YubiKey 4C Nano, an astonishingly tiny authentication key that retails for $60. If you've got a laptop with a USB-C port and like to have additional security, this is absolutely worth taking a look at.

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AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are working together to improve mobile two-factor authentication

When it comes to two-factor authentication, SMS isn't exactly the most secure method. Thankfully, AT&T and Verizon just announced a partnership today with T-Mobile and Sprint to improve the security of mobile authentication. Carriers rarely work together, but it would appear that this is a vital enough concern for customers to encourage collaboration. 

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Dropbox adds mobile prompts for two-step verification

Choosing a strong password to protect your online accounts is a good idea, but the best way to keep your data secure is to enable two-factor authentication (sometimes called two-step verification) on the accounts that support it. This usually requires you to enter a code sent to you by SMS or generated by an app, and this has long been true of Dropbox's two-factor system. Now, Dropbox is making it easier to access your account securely by adding mobile prompts for two-factor.

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LastPass Authenticator can now back up your two-factor data online

It's a dangerous internet out there, full of ne'er-do-wells who want nothing more than to get into your personal data. The best way to stop them is to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your accounts, but managing your 2FA tokens can be a pain. Now, LastPass Authenticator can sync your 2FA data in the cloud so you can get the login codes on any of your devices.

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Twitter added support for two-factor authentication apps and forgot to tell anyone

Passwords are not enough to protect your data. That much should be clear after spending any amount of time on the internet. There are constant hacks and leaks of user data, which sometimes lead to cracked passwords floating around in the darker corners of the internet. Two-factor authentication (2FA) can protect your accounts, but not all services make it easy. Until recently, Twitter's 2FA was a pain in the butt, but it added support for authenticator apps a few months ago and didn't tell anyone.

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Instagram two-factor authentication rolls out more widely on Android

Instagram started rolling two-factor authentication one year ago. However, to the best of our knowledge, that feature didn't show up on Android or at least it was limited to a few users and accounts. We hadn't received any reports of it until a couple of days ago when we got a tip and we checked it out. Our tipster and several of us on Android Police can see 2FA in our Instagram settings now, but we're not sure if it's limited to those enrolled in the beta or if it's there for everyone.

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Nest finally adds two-factor authentication

Nest recently announced that two-factor authentication is here, finally adding in the often asked for option of secondary security. There does appear to be one caveat in regard to this new security measure, but isn't there always?

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Wikipedia 2.5 gets a proper beta program, two-factor authentication coming soon

Today brings a new step for Wikipedia. Its Android app is finally getting a proper beta program after years of juggling dual apps, which is fantastic. Even better, two-factor authentication for our accounts is on the horizon.

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