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Motorola Releases The 2014 Moto X's Android 6.0 Open Source Kernel Files

Last week Motorola released the code necessary for developers to dive into the underpinnings of the Android 6.0 update for the Moto X Pure Edition. Now the company is pushing out those files for last year's flagship, the 2014 Moto X. These follow the Android 5.1 code that hit GitHub in July.

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Republic Wireless Lowers 2nd Gen Moto X Price Down To $300, A $100 Drop

Folks who are drawn to the idea of reducing their monthly bill by offloading most of their usage onto Wi-Fi may be happy to know that Republic Wireless has dropped the price of its 2nd gen Moto X by $100. Customers can now pick one up for a mere $300. Though approaching a year old at this point, this remains the best phone the MVNO offers.

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Those who buy directly from Republic Wireless will only have to hand over $300. To go through Moto Maker, you will have to pay $350 and then send off a mail-in rebate. For the record, Moto Maker is currently holding a sale that lets you get the Moto for the same price from AT&T or Verizon (down from $500).

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Motorola Has Started Rolling Out The Android 5.1 Update For The 2nd Gen Moto X

The Nexus 9 isn't the only device getting a 5.1 update today—Motorola has made the Android 5.1 update for the 2nd gen Moto X official and has started sending it out. The rollout is starting with a soak test in Brazil, but it shouldn't be long before it hits all the Moto X variants.


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