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SanDisk 200GB microSD card drops to all-time low of $24 on Amazon for today only

The price of SanDisk's 200GB microSD card has been falling since it debuted at MWC back in 2015. It's hard to believe that this card once retailed for $400, as it's available today for a tiny fraction of that ($24) on Amazon. That's a lot of storage for the money.

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SanDisk A2 256GB and 512GB microSD cards fall to all-time lows on Amazon Goldbox, today only

If you've been looking to pick up a few microSD cards, today is the day of the week to do it: Amazon has opened up its Gold Box and is featuring sales on a few SanDisk microSD cards and a lot of savings to pass around, whether you need 200GB or 512GB.

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[8-Hour Deal Alert] Get a 200GB SanDisk microSD card for just $59.99 as part of Amazon's Deal of the Day

Storage is constantly getting cheaper and cheaper, which is great news for consumers. Less than a year ago, this very product was considered a deal at $135. This isn't the first time this deal has come, but right now, you can pick up a 200GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card for a penny under $60 as part of Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day.

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[Sweet Deal Alert] SanDisk's 200GB MicroSD Card Is Down To $59.99 On Amazon Gold Box, 128GB $34.99

Let's not beat around the bush. You know what a MicroSD card is, you know which devices can use it and which ones can't, you know some new flagships support it but don't have adoptable storage, et cetera. What you came here to see is what this card is all about and the link to get it before stock runs out as fast as Scooby-Doo from a haunted house.

SanDisk makes great MicroSD cards. This model in particular has 200GB of storage which is the most you can get from the company now. It's more than six times the size of a modern flagship's 32GB internal memory.

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[Deal Alert] The $80 200GB SanDisk MicroSD Card Is Back On Amazon, Along With Other Sizes

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge feature the triumphant return of expandable storage to Samsung's flagship phone line (without Android 6.0's adoptable storage function, unfortunately). So while you're waiting for your new phone to ship, you need to track down a high-capacity MicroSD card to stick inside it. If you head over to Amazon, you can find a positively massive 200GB SanDisk Ultra card for just $79.99. That matches the lowest price we've seen on this particular card, and it qualifies for free shipping even if you don't subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Other capacities of the same card are also on sale: the 128GB version is $50, the 64GB version is just $23, and a 32GB card can be yours for $12.54.

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[Deal Alert] SanDisk's 200GB MicroSD Card Is Just $80 On Amazon, Today Only

If you need an absolutely massive amount of storage for your Android phone or tablet, you might want to mosey on over to Amazon before the day is out. The retailer is offering SanDisk's Ultra MicroSDXC card in its highest capacity, 200 glorious gigabytes, for just $79.99. That's an amazing $170 off of the suggested retail price. According to the product listing, that price is available for only the rest of the day (Saturday, December 26th) and it ends at approximately 2AM Pacific time.

This is the cheapest we've seen this top-of-the-line MicroSD card yet - before today, the lowest price was $100, also at Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Gold Box Offers Great Discounts On SanDisk MicroSD Cards, Including The Massive 200GB Card For $150

MicroSD cards are about to make a big impact on Android, so now's a good time to stock up on some high-capacity storage. How fortunate, then, that Amazon's Gold Box daily deal portal is once again selling them on the cheap. The brand of choice today is SanDisk, and Amazon isn't holding back: top-of-the-line cards are available at huge discounts, from 32GB all the way up to the new 200GB option. Toss that sucker into your phone and you'll have more flash storage than some of the old hard drive-based MP3 players from the 2000s.

For my money, the 128GB card is the best bang for the buck.

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