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ZTE Announces The Blade S7 For All You Selfie Lovers Out There

ZTE has just announced the newest entry to its Blade lineup, the Blade S7. The S7 will go on sale in Thailand and other countries across the Asia Pacific soon afterwards, and is squarely targeted at the selfie-loving segment of the population, with ZTE dubbing it its "most powerful selfie smartphone to date."

Jacky Zhang, CEO of ZTE Mobile Devices in the Asia Pacific, claims ZTE wanted to create a device "that takes the selfie experience to a new level," and they have arguably delivered on that promise. The Blade S7 features a 13-megapixel front-facing camera with a flash and phase detection autofocus, which can be used to take full advantage of the 14 different "beautification" options available.

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Unmechanical Stars A Tiny Helicopter Robot In A Big Scary World

Imagine if the little robot guys from Batteries Not Included had their own videogame. Now imagine if that video game was produced in the current framework of indie games, which seem to favor the dark and somewhat creepy atmosphere of a Lorne Lanning title. Now you've got Unmechanical, a 2D platformer with Unreal 3D graphics that has just been published to the Google Play Store. You can pick it up for $3 with no in-app purchases.

Unmechanical is yet another expatriate from the desktop gaming world of Steam, though it has made a few stops on consoles and iOS before arriving here.

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[New Game] The Secret Of Space Octopuses Combines 2D Platforming, Physics Puzzles, And Exploration

Platform games seem to have hit their stride on Android. With typical mascot-style fare like Sonic, Rayman, and Cordy, not to mention unconventional games like Bravoman, Gentlemen, and a handful of OrangePixel titles, platformer fans are spoiled for choice. Add one more game to the list, The Secret of Space Octopuses, a tongue-in-cheek game that takes inspiration from Metroid and adds in a few creative touches.

The gist is that you're an adorable alien abductee who's able to build his own helper robot in a cave, with a box of scraps. You then clomp through a collection of 2.5D stages trying to escape, though the focus is more on exploration than combat.

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