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[Deal Alert] T-Mobile Offers The 128GB Version Of The Galaxy S6 For The Price Of 64GB ($660), Plus $80 Off Any S6 Or S5 Model With Coupon

Do you want a killer discount on a Galaxy S6, and do you also happen to be in the market for a new T-Mobile phone? Then today is a good day to be you. The carrier is offering $80 off of any T-Mo version of the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S6 with the checkout coupon "DEAL80OFF" (that's eight, zero, capital O, capital F, capital F). If you use the coupon with a Galaxy S6 you get a free car charger too, but we didn't have enough room to fit that in the headline.

Is that still not enough for you?

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[Deal Alert] Lexar 633x 128GB MicroSDXC With USB 3.0 Reader Only $72.99 On Amazon

Gather 'round external storage lovers. You've been forsaken by Google, abandoned by Samsung, and left to feel needy and irrational in the face of the totalitarian internal-storage-or-nothing regime, but the times they are a-changin'. Google's own stance in Android M seems to be shifting toward accepting all phones no matter what they are, including the imperfect little information carriers that may need an external boost in their storage every now and then. Who knows, we might even live to see a Nexus with a MicroSD slot again. Stranger things have happened.

So if you're a rebellious soul, still carrying a smartphone with a hole in its side (or rear, we won't judge), and you know that no amount of storage is enough storage, you may want to head on over to this Lexar listing on Amazon.

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Samsung Electronics Announces A 128GB eMMC Flash Storage Module For Mid-Range Phones And Tablets

While the headline might seem familiar with the same keywords of Samsung producing 128GB flash storage modules, this story is different from the previous one. Last month, Samsung announced a 128GB storage based on the new and anticipated UFS 2.0 standard and targeted for flagship high-end devices — it made its debut in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. This new module, however, is based on the established eMMC standard and it will appear in mass market mid-range devices.


If you missed the previous explanation about the difference between eMMC and UFS, you should know that eMMC is the de-facto standard for storage on smartphones right now.

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Samsung Electronics Starts Mass Producing The Industry's First 128GB Universal Flash Storage, Almost Certainly Galaxy S6-Bound

Before every MWC event, Samsung gradually unveils bits and pieces of its semiconductor innovations that not-so-suprisingly end up inside its line of imminent Galaxy S devices. So far this year, the company has announced its 8Gb LPDDR4 RAM chip (with 4GB of RAM) and 14nm FinFET processor (to be introduced in the company's Exynos 7 Octa), both of which promise faster speeds and more power efficiency.


Today we get another glimpse inside the Galaxy S6, well...presumably. (The timing is just perfect, isn't it?) Samsung is taking the cover off a significant advancement in the semiconductor space for smarphones: a 128GB NAND memory based on the much anticipated UFS 2.0 standard.

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[Deal Alert] Newly Announced $200 128GB SanDisk MicroSD Card Going For Just $120 On Amazon

A few days ago SanDisk announced a new microSD card packing a substantial 128GB of memory. This is the first memory card of its size to hit the market, twice as large as what was previously available. The product, announced at this year's Mobile World Congress, launched at $199.99. Now it's already available for just $119.99 on Amazon.

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