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[Update x2: New pricing information] Samsung bringing 128GB and 256GB Galaxy S9 and S9+ to the US in May

Samsung announced today that customers in the US will soon be able to purchase its Galaxy S9 and S9+ phones with more storage. Variants of the phones with both 128 and 256 gigabytes of internal storage will be available to pre-order beginning tomorrow, May 1, and will be on sale May 18.

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[Deal Alert] New 2016 Quite Black 128GB Pixel XL on sale for $499.99 on eBay ($269 off)

Being late isn't usually a good thing, but when it comes to purchasing technology, it does have its upsides. Chief among them is probably being able to pay a reduced price for something that not long before could only be purchased at the full MSRP. If you've still been looking to purchase a first-gen Pixel XL with maxed out storage, then eBay currently has a deal which can save you at least $269, plus any additional sales tax savings if you live outside of Illinois.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung 64GB and 128GB USB-C flash drives just $19.99 and $39.99 on Amazon ($10-12 off)

USB-C is the future, but as we're all slowly switching to the updated port, the change isn't without its inconveniences. Chief among them: all your old stuff isn't gonna work without dongles and adapters.

Why not just use it as an excuse to upgrade? That old 2GB drive you've been hanging onto isn't enough space anyway, and Amazon's just dropped the price on Samsung's 64GB ($19.99) and 128GB ($39.99) USB-C flash drives, bringing each to an all-time low. 

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6GB/128GB variant of HTC U11 can be pre-ordered tomorrow at midnight ET for $729

Did you like the HTC U11, but think that the standard 64GB of storage wasn't enough for you? We have some good news for you - a 6GB/128GB model of the U11 is being made available for pre-order tomorrow at 12AM Eastern time for $729 - $80 more than the 64GB model.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon's Gold Box deal has a SanDisk MicroSD 256GB for $120 and a 128GB dual USB-C/A drive for $39

You know what's better than a deal? A triple deal. Amazon's Gold Box offers for today are all about SanDisk memory and in there are three nice deals for those of us with Android phones.

First is the Ultra 256GB MicroSDXC UHS-I card with adapter. While this isn't the new fancy U3 card, it's still plenty fast with transfer speeds up to 95MB/s. Last we saw it, it was down from $200 to $135 on Amazon, but it had once reached $120 at B&H in limited quantities. Now it's back again at that same price of $119.99 on Amazon, which is its cheapest at the retailer according to CamelCamelCamel.

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The 128GB OnePlus 3T is up for a new round of pre-orders after previously going out of stock

The OnePlus 3T was unveiled a few months back, and seems to have been received well by most. Presumably to keep itself in the news, OnePlus says the pre-announced 128GB version in gunmetal grey is available for pre-order now at its site.

The gunmetal grey 128GB variant of the 3T was included in the main announcement back in November. but it's not been available to buy until now . It seems that while a 128GB version has been available before now, it may (or may not, it's very difficult to tell) have only been in limited quantities. It looks like OnePlus is following in the footsteps of Apple and Google, offering a very high capacity storage phone for extra cash, while continuing to sell the lower capacity variants too.

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[Deal Alert] Get a 128GB Samsung EVO microSD card for just $32.90 at Amazon

Almost every Android flagship these days has a microSD slot (we're looking at you, Google), which means that for most people, storage is easily expandable. Not only are microSD cards simple to use, they're also getting more and more inexpensive. Case in point: this 128GB Samsung EVO microSD card retailed for $109.99 less than two years ago, and now you can pick one up for just $33 on Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] Lexar's MicroSDXC Cards Are On Sale On Amazon: 128GB For $43.99, 64GB For $24.99

Are MicroSD cards cheap nowadays or what? I remember buying my first 128MB (that's MEGAbytes) card sometime in 2005 and here we are talking about affordable 128GB cards in 2016! If you're good at math, you'd know that we multiplied the storage by a thousand and something and we're still somewhere in the same price ballpark. Crazy.

This Lexar 128GB is a Class 10 card that can read files at up to 95MB/s and write at up to 20MB/s. It comes with a USB 3.0 reader too so you can transfer your files quickly to a computer. It's using the old packaging though, which apparently makes it ripe for discounts.

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[Updated: Lower Prices] Deal Alert: Amazon Has Its Best-Ever Prices On Samsung And SanDisk MicroSD Cards - 64GB For $16.99, 128GB For $39.99

Looking for some big deals on big expandable storage? For those in the US, Amazon has some of the lowest prices we've ever seen on Samsung branded MicroSD cards, and no one has to stand outside in the cold to get them. At the time of writing the 128GB EVO MicroSDXC card is just $44.99, a stunning price for a capacity that would have cost $200 or more a few years ago.

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Huawei's Nexus Phone Will Be The First Nexus Device To Offer Up To 128GB Of Storage

It took years (and years and years), but manufacturers are finally starting to loosen their grip on the idea that it's OK for flagship phones to come with just 16GB of storage. Last year's Nexus 6 came in 32GB and 64GB flavors, and high-end phones released this year tend to start at 32GB. According to multiple trusted Android Police sources, the Huawei Nexus phone that's been so prominently leaked in the last few weeks will be available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB variants.

That would make the Huawei Nexus the first Google developer device to be offered at such a high capacity.

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