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The Snapdragon 865 is the most important smartphone chip in years—and it packs some serious upgrades

I don't want to bury the lede on this one, so, here goes: I really do believe, genuinely, the Snapdragon 865 is the most important smartphone chip in a good, long while. No, it doesn't have an insane new CPU or GPU design, and no, it doesn't have an "integrated" 5G radio (more on that later). But if you're looking for the "5G is here" moment—a moment Qualcomm has been building up to for years—this is it.

There is no version of the Snapdragon 865 available without 5G. 5G is mandatory. You can't buy the chip without a 5G modem, it's in there, period.

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Keep a lookout with the Arlo Ultra camera system for $363 ($37 off)

If you'd like to start keeping an eye out on your front porch for package deliveries and strangers in 4K clarity, day or night, both Best Buy and Amazon have the Arlo Ultra wire-free 4K camera system on sale. It normally sells for $400, but it's available today for $363 ($37 off).

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128GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card now available for $22 on Amazon, the lowest price yet

The price of SanDisk's 128GB Ultra microSD card has been on a steady downward trend over much of the last year, picking up pace over the autumn months. In early November last year, the 128GB card cost $44 on Amazon, now it costs a mere $22 — the lowest Amazon listing price yet (though third party sellers have gone lower). That's even more impressive considering SanDisk first sold the memory card for $199.99 back in 2014.

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[Deal Alert] Get SanDisk's 128GB microSDXC Card For Just $100 Shipped

Looking for a lot of extra gee-bees on a budget for your smartphone or tablet? SanDisk's almost unnecessarily ginormous 128GB microSDXC card is on sale at both Best Buy and Amazon today for just $99.99 shipped.



Both sites do charge sales tax in most applicable states, so watch out for that, but otherwise this is the lowest price we've seen this 128GB at by a solid $20, making this a genuine article at a genuine discount. Head over to the links below to start throwing money at your screen immediately.

Amazon, Best Buy

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