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128GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card now available for $22 on Amazon, the lowest price yet

The price of SanDisk's 128GB Ultra microSD card has been on a steady downward trend over much of the last year, picking up pace over the autumn months. In early November last year, the 128GB card cost $44 on Amazon, now it costs a mere $22 — the lowest Amazon listing price yet (though third party sellers have gone lower). That's even more impressive considering SanDisk first sold the memory card for $199.99 back in 2014.

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Samsung EVO Select 128GB microSD card down to $25 on Amazon

MicroSD cards are getting cheap — really cheap. Earlier this month, we posted about SanDisk's 128GB Ultra card getting discounted to $25. At face value, these deals look identical, but this Samsung card comes with U3 classification that the Ultra doesn't have. As such, this 128GB EVO Select for $24.99 is a much better deal.

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[Deal Alert] Get A 128GB PNY microSDXC Card For Your Phone Or Action Camera For Less Than $50 At Amazon

In the tech world, we know that big things can come in small packages, but those packages usually have a big price. Well if you are looking for microSD cards with a ton of storage space, today is your lucky day because both Amazon and Newegg are is offering an over $30 discount on a PNY 128GB microSD card perfect your phones, tablets, action cameras, or wherever else you might need it.

Newegg created a splash by offering the discount and Amazon answered in kind by dropping their own price; now that Newegg has sold out, you can be thankful Amazon is still competing.

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[Deal Alert] Get SanDisk's 128GB microSDXC Card For Just $100 Shipped

Looking for a lot of extra gee-bees on a budget for your smartphone or tablet? SanDisk's almost unnecessarily ginormous 128GB microSDXC card is on sale at both Best Buy and Amazon today for just $99.99 shipped.



Both sites do charge sales tax in most applicable states, so watch out for that, but otherwise this is the lowest price we've seen this 128GB at by a solid $20, making this a genuine article at a genuine discount. Head over to the links below to start throwing money at your screen immediately.

Amazon, Best Buy

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