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ASUS shares list of 120fps games for the ROG Phone II (Update: New games)

ASUS announced the ROG Phone II earlier this year, and it is truly a beast of a smartphone, featuring up to 1TB of storage, a Snapdragon 855 Plus, 12GB of RAM, and a 120Hz display. With the September launch date inching closer, the company is sharing which games will support the high-refresh-rate screen, plus a couple more that barely surpass 60fps.

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Razer has now over 100 UltraMotion-compatible games

The Razer Phone 2 is out, with its impressive 120Hz display, front-facing speakers, and light-up RGB logo on the back. It's the ultimate gaming device, despite its slightly uncomfortable grip, and now you can make the most of its hardware thanks to Razer's updated list of compatible titles.

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[Update: More titles] Razer publishes an official list of 120Hz-optimized Android games

One of the aspects David heavily praised about the Razer Phone when he tried it is the 120Hz display. But what good is a high refresh rate when you can't take advantage of it to the max? After all, gaming is the one major aspect Razer built this display for and it'd be good to know how it can best be utilized.

That's why Razer has published a list of all the 120Hz-optimized games on its site so you can check those out to see the full benefits of the display in action. You can check the list out at the source link below, or for convenience's sake, I've also included it here.

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