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Undead Horde is an enjoyable hack-and-slash game that just arrived on Android

10tons Ltd. is an indie publisher that is probably best known for publishing the titles Tesla vs Lovecraft and Neon Chrome on the Play Store. Today the latest game from the publisher has arrived on Android. This game is called Undead Horde, and it's a strategic hack-and-slash title that's been available on Steam since May, and it's been reviewed rather positively in the last six months. At its core, it's a necromantic action game that also contains RPG elements, and it will be your job to raise the dead to hack and slash your way to ruling over the world of the living.

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Twin-stick shooter Tesla vs Lovecraft is available on the Play Store

Tesla vs Lovecraft is a top-down twin-stick shooter that has been ported over to Android. It was originally released on consoles and PC at the beginning of 2018, and as of today, it has arrived on the Google Play Store. If you couldn't tell by the name, the game revolves around a nightmarish Lovecraftian theme that ties into the electrified world of Nikola Tesla, which is a pretty unique idea that allows for some gratifying hi-tech shooting action.

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