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(Update: Maps Go Navigation too) Google Go and Maps Go reach 100 million Play Store installs, hinting at decent Android Go sales

We've only reported Google Go's 10 million download numbers last September, and today, the app has reached another milestone: it now boasts 100 million installs on the Play Store. Since it's pre-installed on all Android Go phones, this might indicate that Android Go is quite a successful endeavor for Google, as this would suggest that the amount of newly activated Go devices skyrocketed over the past half year.

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Google Home app hits 100 million downloads


Snapseed passes 100 million installs on the Play Store


Tez, aka Google Pay for India, reaches 100 million installs on the Play Store

Gather 'round folks, Tez celebration time! Google's mobile payment solution for India, formerly known as Tez and later rebranded to Pay, has reached an important milestone in its software life: 100 million installs on the Play Store. This is usually when developers bring out the big cake and everyone wishes them zero bugs and 100% positive reviews for the months to come.

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YouTube Android app gets an official beta program, YouTube Go reaches 100 million downloads

Of all the apps we keep an eye on here at Android Police, YouTube annoys us the most because of its endless stream of server-side tests. We've always wished the app had a beta channel on the Play Store and that those tests would be accomplished through it. Well, at least the first part of that equation is now coming true.

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Super Mario Run passes 100 million installs on the Play Store


Google's Korean keyboard passes 100 million installs on Play Store


Facebook's Messenger Lite app hits the 100 million installs milestone

Many who've used Facebook's main or messaging apps over the years will be acutely aware of how resource and data-hungry they can be. Messenger Lite was a welcome addition when it was released on the Play Store back in October 2016, as it promised to solve both of those issues. The only problem at the time was that it was only launched in emerging markets.

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Speedtest reaches 100 million downloads on the Play Store

The procession of apps reaching 100 million downloads on the Play Store continues, and the latest to join the club is the famous Speedtest by Ookla. If you've never heard of it before, then you probably never had to test the speed of your data or WiFi connection to brag in front of friends or to complain to your ISP.

Speedtest does its job and does it well. I don't keep it installed on my devices, but I always rush to grab it when something feels iffy about my connection, whether it's uncharacteristically fast (yeah, that dream happened once or twice) or much much slower than usual.

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Duo passes 100 million installs on the Google Play Store

Ever since Allo and Duo launched, Duo has seemed like the more 'complete' app. Whereas Allo is still missing critical functionality (like a desktop client/web app) nearly a year later, Duo has been a pretty solid product since day one. And now it has passed a major milestone, with the Play Store reporting that it has over 100 million installations.

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