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[Super Deal Alert] Dreamy puzzler Lost Journey is heavily discounted worldwide to 10 cents and less (Bonus: Noisly app discount)

10 cents can go a long way these days on the Play Store. In recent times, you've been able to grab some cool games and apps for this sum — maybe a bit more or a bit less depending on your country — but the discounts have been heavily skewing toward select regions: UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, Russia, and sometimes the US and Canada and a few other countries joined in on the fun.

This deal though seems to be better in every way. One, it appears to be worldwide: I've checked dozens of countries around the world and they're all showing the game as discounted.

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[Deal Alert] Grab Carcassonne for 10 cents in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK , and 20 cents in Australia

We often see deals on Carcassonne on the Play Store, but never has the price dropped below the 2 dollars mark. That is until today. Carcassonne is this week's Google Play deal, which means that it's discounted in a couple of countries already. It's down to EUR 0.10 in France, Spain, Italy, and Germany, GBP 0.10 in the UK, and AUD 0.20 in Australia.

Carcassonne usually costs $4.99 or thereabout in the different currencies mentioned above, so this is a significant saving on the original price. Sure, the game is old and some of the recent reviews haven't been very positive, but it's still the famous Carcassonne board game we're talking about here, with its strategic turn-by-turn gameplay and online multiplayer, and which, over the course of its existence on the Play Store, has amassed over 100,000 installs and a 4.3 average rating with more than 12000 reviews.

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[Update: More Games] Google Play Store Promotion Offers Up 13 EA And Chillingo Games For Just 10 Cents Each, Including Monopoly, NFS Most Wanted, Power Ping Pong, And More

Looking for some cheap games? Then Electronic Arts and its mobile subsidiary Chillingo would like to offer you a selection for just a dime a piece (assuming you live in the US, Canada, Mexico, and a few other places). None of the games are particularly new with the exception of Power Ping Pong (which is pretty great) and the horror adventure game In Fear I Trust (which was just published), but most of them cost $4-5 at their regular prices. Here's the full list with links:

*Note: EA has announced that it's ending support for a large amount of its mobile games, including Dead Space.

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Android Market "10 Billion Promo" Final Day Ten Deals: Shine Runner, Camera Zoom FX, Puffle Launch, Heavy Gunner 3D, And More Just 10¢ Each

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and the awesome 10 Billion Apps promo, sadly, reached its final day. I wish it could go on forever and become a regular thing, at least with one app a day -  how about it, Google?

Today, we have 8 new apps/games and 4 repeats. Here they are:

Here are all the days so far if you want to see them again:

Source: Reddit, thanks braaaiins and everyone who helped out!

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Android Market "10 Billion Promo" Day Nine Deals: Sleepy Jack, ezPDF, Tank Riders, Zenonia, SwiftKey X, And More Just 10¢ Each

The fun is, sadly, almost over - welcome to day nine of the 10 Billion Apps promo. Today, we have 10 new apps/games and only 1 repeat. Here they are:

Here are all the days so far if you want to see them again:

Source: Reddit, thanks braaaiins and everyone who helped out!

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Android Market "10 Billion Promo" Day Eight Deals: HD Widgets, Flight Track, Sketchbook Mobile, Shazam Encore, And More Just 10¢ Each

Day eight of the 10 Billion Apps promo is upon us, and today we have only 5 6 7 (thanks, Hugo, rampagedeluxe) new apps compared to 8-10 that we've been seeing until now. Looks like Google is really running out of options, but alas - here they are:

Here are all the days so far if you want to see them again:

Source: Reddit, thanks braaaiins, Daniel, and everyone who helped out!

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Android Market "10 Billion Promo" Day Seven Deals: Flick Soccer, Flight Control, Super KO Boxing 2, SoundHound ∞, And More Just 10¢ Each

It's an early Monday morning, and while Google doesn't update the 10 Billion Apps promo page until 8-9am Pacific, some resourceful folks have already found all of the apps for today. The collection keeps going down in overall selection quality with each day, and we have a few repeats yet again, but we shouldn't look an [almost] gifted horse in the mouth.

Here are today's apps and games:

That's 0 new apps, 8 new games, and 2 apps that were already on sale before.

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[Editorial] Is Google's 10 Billion Apps Promotion Hurting Developers Who Aren't Part Of It? It Sure Looks That Way

In case you haven't heard, Google has been offering 10 apps a day for just $0.10 each as part of a 10 day promotion to celebrate the 10 billionth download from the Android Market. For end users, this promotion has been fantastic, as it offers quality paid apps for next to nothing. In fact, the promotion has also been great for the developers behind the promoted apps, who have seen hugely increased exposure, skyrocketing purchases, and higher spots in the "Top Paid" list. Let's take a quick look at the current state of the Top Paid list, actually:


Look familiar?

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