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[Deal Alert] Dark Echo and Weather 14 Days Pro are this week's 10 cent discounts (not in US)

What would another week be without two price drops on a game and an app in the Play Store? And this week's selection is interesting, if maybe not as popular among the geek crowd as last week's Twilight Pro.

The app is Weather 14 Days Pro and guess what it does... Weather, yeah, I know, mind-blowing. It's the official app for's website and has detailed hourly forecasts for 14 days in over 250000 locations in the world. The app has widgets, notifications, maps, radars, satellites, and a nice Material Design aesthetic.

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[Deal Alert] Twilight Pro Unlock and Bulb Boy down to 10 cents in various countries (not in US)

Another week, another combo of app and game deals on the Play Store. And this week, we have a great selection if you ask me.

The app is Twilight Pro Unlock, the paid version of Twilight which filters the blue light from your display at night to limit its effects on your sleep cycle. Even if that's not 100% proven scientifically, the soft red filter does indeed tone down the display and should be more pleasant to look at in dark environments and at night. The Pro version lets you set more than 2 profiles, adjust the transition time, and completely turn off the Twilight service on your phone when it's not working.

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[Deal Alert] Wild Blood and Unified Remote Full are 0.10 in multiple countries (not US)

As many will know, Google Play has certain apps on sale every week for 0.10 in the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, and Australia. This week is no different, with both Wild Blood and Unified Remote Full on offer.

Wild Blood is set in the time of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and Lancelot. King Arthur, fuelled by jealousy for Lancelot for seducing Guinevere, gets tricked by his sister, Morgana, and opens Hellgate, letting all manner of demons lose. Morgana, meanwhile, has captured Guinevere and is holding her hostage on the ancient island of Avalon. Lancelot must confront Morgana and King Arthur in order to save Guinevere and the kingdom.

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[Deal Alert] Lara Croft: Guardian of Light and Cross DJ Pro are down to 10 cents in some countries

Are you broke after buying all the Christmas presents, attending that expensive NYE party, and maybe even ordering a gadget or two of those that were announced at CES? Here's something that will cost you about a dime and could provide entertainment for hours and hours. Google Play's deals are back and this week we have Lara Croft: Guardian of Light and Cross DJ Pro, both unfortunately not discounted in the US.

Lara Croft was only released in October so it's a relatively new Android game being discounted, even if the title itself came several years late after iOS. The adventure game has puzzles, platforms, fights, and boss battles to get to the Mirror of Smoke and finish the game before sunrise.

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[Deal Alert] edjing PRO and Rayman Jungle Run are down to 10 cents in a few countries

Another week, another couple of apps you can grab for next to free from the Play Store and this time we're talking about edjing PRO and Rayman Jungle Run.

edjing PRO is a professional DJ app with plenty of features to create your perfect mix. Use your own media library, SoundCloud, Deezer, or Vimeo to find the tunes, prepare sets, match bpms, queue songs, and more. It usually costs $4.99 and doesn't have any other IAPs.

Rayman Jungle Run is a classic adventure platformer where you jump over obstacles, dodge monsters and traps, and progress through the levels while collecting coins. It's priced at $2.99 with a few $1.99 IAP items.

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Reckless Racing 3 is the latest Play Store game to go on sale for $.10 in some countries

Is it weird that displays its prices in US currency, even for sales that aren't actually valid in the United States? Yes it is. But with a 95% discount on a really solid top-down racing game, we can forgive a little international inconsistency. The latest Android game to get the ten cent treatment is Reckless Racing 3, Pixelbite's threequel to one of the best games in the early Android era. It's normally three dollars, or equivalent local currency, so snatch it up quickly.

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[Deal Alert] Ice Rage: Hockey is down to 0.10 in a few countries

Another week, another 10 cents deal alert. You should know the symphony by heart now, but in case you've never seen these deals before, here's the gist. Every week, one or two games or apps drop their prices on the Play Store to 10 cents, i.e. pocket change. The discount doesn't affect all countries and is usually limited to France, Italy, Spain, and Germany (EUR 0.10), Russia (RUB 10), the UK (GBP 0.10), and Australia (AUD 0.20). Sometimes, the deal is opened to more countries after a few days, including the US, Canada, India, etc... But other times, we're not that lucky.

This week's deal affects an ice hockey game named, appropriately, Ice Rage: Hockey.

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[Deal Alert] Perspective correction app SKRWT and Neo Monsters game down to $0.10 in a few countries

Neither of these deals is valid in the US, Canada, and many countries around the world. There. That should help you skip reading this post altogether. But if you're still around, then you probably live in one of the few countries where these $0.10 deals have been frequent in the past few months and you already know the drill. We're talking about 0.10 EUR in France, Italy, Spain, and Germany, GBP 0.10 in the UK, RUB 10 in Russia, and AUD 0.20 in Australia. Other countries are probably unaffected, but it won't hurt to check.

With that out of the way, the two pieces of software you can buy are SKRWT and Neo Monsters.

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Lifeline: Whiteout (USA) and Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords (not USA) are down to $0.10 in many countries

The Lifeline franchise of games is often found on sale on the Play Store. From the original price of $1.99, the games usually drop to $0.99, but sometimes they also go as low as $0.10, like that one time when Lifeline, Lifeline 2, and Lifeline: Silent Night all cost 10 cents. But there's a new entrant in the Lifeline series that you may have not picked up yet and that hasn't seen a price drop.

Lifeline: Whiteout follows the same engrossing storytelling genre, with the game playing in your notifications and offering you different options for your character V. Adams that influence his fate and progression in a frozen wasteland.

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[Nostalgic Deal Alert] PlayerPro Music Player is down to 10 Cents in some European countries and Australia

I still remember getting my HTC Desire Z, rooting it and installing a cleaner custom ROM, then instantly looking for a decent music player on the Play Store that could handle music synchronization from iTunes. After days of research, I settled on PlayerPro and iSyncr, which would let me sync specific playlists from my iMac to my phone along with all the ID3 tags and metadata, even the lyrics and album art. And it took care of syncing back play counts to iTunes, which were used to improve the smart playlists it generated. I was practically using my Desire Z as if it was an iPod and it was revolutionary!

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