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[Deal Alert] Popular app Baby Monitor 3G is down to 10 cents in several countries

Baby monitors are so old school now. You have smart cameras that are tailored for baby monitoring, and if you don't want to buy new gear you can use your phone that's several times more powerful than the regular speaker/microphone combo of a baby monitor. Apps that let you do this are all over the Play Store, but one of the best ones is now discounted to 10 cents. If you have a baby/toddler or you might soon have one, this deal is for you.

Baby Monitor 3G uses two devices (phones, tablets, desktop computers) connected over WiFi, 3G, or LTE, one as a baby station and the other as a parent station.

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[Deal Alert] VUDU has 30 HDX movies available to rent for just 10 cents apiece

These days, you can't buy much for a dime. Back in the 19th century, you could get half a pie in New York City restaurants or two tall glasses of beer in Boston saloons with 10 cents, but times have changed - or have they? For a limited time, VUDU is offering up 30 movies in Digital HDX for just 10 cents per rental.

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[Deal Alert] MX Player Pro is down to 10 cents in a few countries

With the Play Store's new ability to have apps go free momentarily, we rarely feel the need to highlight the weekly 10-cent deals anymore because they do seem less appealing than something going completely free, so we've been posting them in our long deal roundup posts instead. But we're making an exception here because the 10-cent discount is hitting one app you might have on your watchlist and that hasn't dropped in price a single time in 5 years: MX Player Pro. (Actually it even rose in price from $5.22 to $5.99 in December 2015.)

MX Player Pro is the ad-free version of the beloved and powerful MX Player, a video player that can handle more video formats and encodings than I care to list here.

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[Deal Alert] Grab these free and 10-cent apps, games, and icon packs

It's been a few days since we've brought you some good deals on apps and games on the Play Store, but here were are today with a really large number of deals. We've got some good apps like a pro calculator and a dyno to measure your car's RPM, a few games including one for your smartwatch, and of course plenty of icon packs. What would these deal posts be without icon packs? If you're a fan of customization, there are also two themes for the LG V20 on Nougat that will work on the LG G5 as well.

And finally, we have the 10-cent deals of the week.

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[Deal Alert] Grab these free and 10 cent apps, games, and icon packs

The recent change in the Play Store policy to allow apps and games to be set momentarily free has been a very popular decision among devs and users alike. The former get to publicize their work at no cost to the consumer and the latter get to benefit from decent to excellent software without cracking open their virtual wallet. Each day or two, we see new titles on the Play Store taking advantage of these short-term deals and in today's round we have a very balanced selection of apps, games, and icon packs. Oh and the 10-cent deals of the week as well, let's not forget about that.

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[Deal Alert] Zombie City Defense is free worldwide, plus the 10 cents app and game of the week

Ever since Google has allowed apps to momentarily dip to free on the Play Store, we've seen a large number of icon packs, games, and apps test out the model. The latest is Zombie City Defense, a tower defense game where your goal is to protect your city against hordes of zombies. The holographic look is quite futuristic and less grim than most apocalyptic zombie titles, and the game offers 3 difficulty levels with an infinite mode, various city maps, infantry units, vehicles, adversaries, and more.

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[Deal Alert] Piano Melody Pro and RE-VOLT Classic 3D are this week's 10 cent deals

Like clockwork, this week's 10 cent app discounts have just rolled out to the Play Store in several countries. This time, we're getting these two titles: Piano Melody Pro and RE-VOLT Classic 3D.

Piano Melody Pro is a fun little app that'll turn your phone into a portable piano so you can practice playing on the go. The app contains a catalog of over 600 songs to learn to play, and the pro version of the app doesn't contain any ads.

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[Deal Alert] Tiny Planet FX Pro is 10 cents in several countries (not in US)

This week was slightly different for the one game + one app 10-cent deals on the Play Store. The game, Guns'n'Glory Premium, dropped its price first and unlike the majority of previous deals, it happened worldwide. The app, however, was nowhere to be seen until now, and ta-da, it's Tiny Planet FX Pro. Womp Womp.

That's not the most enticing discount, especially considering that it has dropped to 10 cents before. But a deal is a deal and in case you never grabbed Tiny Planet before and you really like shooting panoramic photos and making them look like a small globular planet with a perspective shifting yet oddly nice effect, then this is the perfect app and discount for you.

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[Deal Alert] Guns'n'Glory Premium is down to 10 cents on the Play Store worldwide

Gather 'round folks, I have a Play Store discount for you and this is one you can all benefit from. Yes, for once, this deal isn't limited to a few European countries plus Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and maybe India. Nope, this deal is worldwide, or at least it appears to be valid in more than 25 countries that I checked going from Indonesia (IDR 1500) to Bulgaria (BGN 0.20), Switzerland (CHF 0.20), South Africa (ZAR 1.50), Lebanon (LBP 200), Canada (CAD 0.10), the United States (USD 0.10), and more.

The discount is hitting the Guns'n'Glory Premium game, a 4.5-rated strategy action title where you play the bad guys.

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[Deal Alert] Whispering Willows and Aqualert Premium are this week's 10 cent deals (not in the US)

Here we are with another week underway and another duo of an app and a game being discounted on the Play Store. This week's titles are Aqualert Premium and Whispering Willows.

The most interesting of the two is the game, Whispering Willows. It's a hand-drawn 2D adventure game originally funded on Kickstarter. You play as Elena who's on a journey in the Willows Mansion to find her missing father and who does so by solving puzzles using her astral projection.

As for Aqualert, it is a water drinking tracker and reminder app that makes it easy to enter how much water you drank and see how many more cups you need to reach your daily goal.

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