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Play Music Surpasses 1 Billion Installs, Becomes The 15th Android App To Do So

The number of people activating Android devices continues to grow, because this summer we've watched as a number of Android apps have passed the billion installs milestone. The latest app to hit this goal is Play Music. This makes it the fifteenth to get on the list.

Google has made numerous additions to Play Music since launching the service in 2011. Users went from storing their personal collections online and buying individual albums to streaming whatever they wanted using All Access subscriptions. These days you can start personalized radio stations that suit your mood. You can also sign-up to stream music for free.

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Play Games And Google Talkback Both Join The 1 Billion Installs Club

Every couple of months the members of the exclusive billion installs club have to roll out the red carpet as they introduce another app into their ranks. This time, they're welcoming two. The likes of Gmail, Facebook, and WhatsApp now have to say hi to Play Games and Talkback.

Play Games (which only launched in 2013) isn't as old as other Play apps such as Music, Movies, and Newsstand —but that hasn't stopped it from beating all three to the one billion installs mark. Now, before anyone gets too excited, that doesn't mean a billion people have all gone out of their way to install the app.

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Chrome For Android Hits 1 Billion Installs On The Play Store

When an app reaches 1 billion installs on the Play Store, it's like being officially recognized as one of the cool kids. Chrome for Android is the latest to join the clique, sliding through the door just a week behind Hangouts, making it the 12th app to flash a 10-digit install base.


While induction into this elite group hasn't been quite as impressive since membership hit the double digits, Chrome is among the first of Google's apps that doesn't owe all of its success to pre-installs. The first beta release of Chrome came in early 2012 and only supported Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Google Hangouts Passes 1 Billion Installations On The Play Store

Not many Android apps can say they've been installed a billion times. In fact, before today there were only ten - and out of those ten, only three of them were non-Google apps (and all owned by Facebook). Today Google's first party messaging client, Hangouts, joins this elite group of billion-device apps... notably behind its competitors, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

2015-06-25 06.03.35

A billion installations doesn't mean a billion users, it means one billion different Android devices have downloaded the app once. (Phones and tablets now out of service count, multiple downloads and updates don't.) That said, Hangouts' daily users probably number in the hundreds of millions at this point, if only by virtue of its inclusion as the default SMS app on many Android phones.

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Facebook Messenger Becomes The 10th Android App With Enough Installs To Join The Billionaire Club

"Don't forget me, guys," Facebook Messenger said as it scooted in through the door that nearly closed in its face.

"Sorry, didn't see you coming," YouTube said. "You have one billion views?"

"Installs, and yes," Gmail said, putting down a bottle of something expensive and walking over. "See?"

Screenshot 2015-06-09 at 2.19.56 PM

"It was only a matter of time," Gmail, the oldest member of the club, continued. "I started drafting Messenger's invite back when Facebook first got in."

Gmail gestured its glass towards the table where Facebook was seated, networking with a couple of apps it didn't like.

"Yeah, I never received that message," Facebook Messenger said.

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Google Play Books Becomes The 9th Android App Installed On Over 1 Billion Devices

One billion is a big number. It comes with nine zeroes. Nine. It's the amount Facebook paid for Instagram, and now, it's how many times Play Books has appeared on an Android device. Google's app for reading ebooks has passed the one billion installs mark.

Screenshot 2015-06-08 at 4.02.26 PM

Since this is a Google app, the accomplishment isn't as impressive as it was for WhatsApp, as Play Books comes pre-installed on probably the majority of devices it's on. People don't go to the Play Store looking to install this app. They find it a couple icons over when they open their app drawers for the first time.

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WhatsApp For Android Is Invited To The "1 Billion Installs" Group Chat, Makes Fellow Member Facebook Proud

WhatsApp (8:00 am): Hey guys, thx for the invite! 😍

Facebook (8:01 am): Oh darling, wlc to the group! I just saw your Play Store install stats and noticed you crossed the magical 1 billion 🎉

Facebook (8:01 am): Dawg, here's your screenshot!


WhatsApp (8:01 am): I've been checking the numbers, I knew it was going to happen soon. But then I got busy with this whole Call feature invite mess over the past week and I missed it. Sooooo excited!

Facebook (8:02 am): You should have been here even sooner... if it weren't for those APK Mirror guys. I know they've been stealing some of your download numbers 😡

WhatsApp (8:03 am): But what can I do?

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Google+ For Android Hits 1 Billion Installs, While Google Play Games And Google Drive Both Reach 500 Million

There comes a moment in the life of most pre-installed Google apps where they hit the big 1 billion installs mark. This is measure less of how many users have sought out the software on the Play Store and more the number of times people have set up devices in the years since the app became available. Though in the case of Google+, the latest app to reach this milestone, there are surely people out there who didn't get the software out of the box and decided they wanted in on the fun. What proportion they are, we do not know.

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Google's Google Search App (Yo Dawg) Reaches 1 Billion Installs In The Play Store

There's an elite club among Android apps: those chosen few that have been consumed by enough people to surpass the 1 billion installs mark. Most of the names found on this list come from Mountain View. Gmail was the first to cross the threshold (discounting Google Play services, which comes pre-installed on every Android device with access to the Play Store), followed by Maps and YouTube. Facebook has also passed the milestone, though I'm not sure how many of our readers are particularly happy about that one. Now the Google Search app has joined the ranks.

Screenshot 2014-12-08 at 5.19.52 PM

The Google Search app includes Now, the Google Now Launcher, and Voice Search.

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Google Maps Has Arrived At Its Destination, App Reaches 1 Billion Downloads

When Gmail hit 1 billion downloads early last month, it was a pretty safe bet some of the other Google apps would follow closely behind. The next entrant to the exclusive club came only a few weeks later, and this time it's Maps taking the spotlight. Even if it occasionally sends us through winding mountain roads and quiet neighborhoods during cross-country trips, we should give a round of applause for the app that always got us where we needed to go!

Note: the total number of downloads is a tally of the accounts that have downloaded the app. Repeated downloads on the same account, even on multiple devices, are only counted as 1 download.

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