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Netgear Arlo Pro review: Great at a few things, but just okay at the rest

Consumer security cameras have become a huge product category in the last couple year with the likes of Google, FLIR, and Logitech taking a swing at home monitoring. Your options are greatly reduced if you need a camera that operates for long stretches on battery or in the great outdoors. This is something Netgear has attempted to address with its Arlo security cameras. The new Arlo Pro adds a few features to the lineup, bringing it to parity with standard wired cameras. However, the wireless aspect means you'll have to make some compromises.

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[Deal Alert] The Arlo Pro 2-pack is $375 on Amazon ($45 off)

Security cameras sure aren't cheap, especially the "smart" ones we see popping up all over the place these days. Luckily, we can usually count on sales to lessen the monetary blow to our bank accounts, even if it's just a little. Here we have Amazon offering the 2-pack of the Arlo Pro cameras with the siren for $374.98, a savings of $45.01.

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[Deal Alert] Netgear's Arlo Pro security camera is $50 off ($199.99) via Amazon

Everyone is making home security cameras these days, and Netgear's Arlo cameras have been quite popular. The new Arlo Pro adds a few features that were lacking in older versions, and it's on sale today. You can get the single-camera bundle for a mere $199.99. That's $50 off the regular price.

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[Update: Arlo Wire-free 5-pack $469] Deal Alert: Arlo wireless security camera down to $100 ($80 off) or less in bundles

There are plenty of choices when it comes to security cameras, but for the longest time, most of them needed to be tethered to electricity and couldn't be placed outdoors. Now, lots of companies like Nest and Canary are releasing outdoor-friendly cameras, but Arlo has been doing it for a while before them. The wireless Arlo security cam system is comprised of one smart home base connected to power and your router, and one or several small cameras interspersed around your house or business.

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[Deal Alert] Nest Cam prices fall even lower at Amazon, indoor now $127, outdoor $170

The Nest store has some pretty sweet offers for its portfolio of products for Black Friday weekend. The Nest indoor camera is available at the very compelling price of just $149. Well, sorry if you already bought one, because Amazon just dropped the price on two different Nest camera models to the lowest level we've seen yet. (Maybe you can still cancel your order?)

The Nest indoor camera is currently on sale for $127.49 and the outdoor model is also discounted to $169.99. Those are both excellent prices for connected cameras of this quality and could be the best deals we see on them all year.

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[Deal Alert] Nest offers $50 off Thermostat, Nest Protect, and Nest Cam

Connected gadgets like Google Home and Amazon's Echo are neat enough by themselves, but they really come into their own when paired with connected home tech. If you'd like to get started on a collection of said tech, Google subsidiary Nest is currently holding a Black Friday Sale with $50 off of each of its flagship products: the Nest Thermostat, the Nest Cam security camera, and the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector. All prices are good on the Nest online store.

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[Deal Alert] Arlo home security camera 4-pack is $350 ($150 off) at Amazon

Security cameras can get fairly expensive, and 'smart' cameras that connect to online services and mobile apps even more so. Arlo is Netgear's brand of smart security cameras, and right now you can get a bundle of four Arlo cameras and the base station for $350.

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Netgear's new Arlo Pro security camera lasts six months on a charge

Netgear's Arlo security camera has captured a sizable chunk of the market for consumer security cameras, and it's looking to increase that share with the release of Arlo Pro. The new version of Arlo adds several handy features and vastly improved battery life. According to Netgear, the built-in rechargeable battery lasts six months on a charge.

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Nest announces an outdoor version of the Nest Cam coming this fall, available for $199.99 pre-order

The Nest Cam keeps an eye on what's going on in your home. That can be creepy when you're home, but it can bring peace of mind when you're away. On the downside, the Nest Cam isn't weatherproof. That means you can't stick one outdoors.

That's about to change, for today Nest announced an outdoor version.

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[Deal Alert] Nest Cam Is $50 Off For Father's Day, Now $149

Father's day is fast approaching and if you're stuck and don't know what to get your dad/husband or if you're the dad and don't know what to ask your kids to get you, then here's an idea Nest is suggesting: grab a Nest Cam for $50 off. That brings the security camera's price down to $149, its lowest yet. Previous sales had it at $170 but not less.

If you're wondering about the Father's Day connection, Nest jokingly says it could be used to catch robbers sure, but also to help dad see who ate the chips, or to record those moments when he saves the day or those weird incidents that happen during family gatherings and so on.

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