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Most Wanted: The best smart home products you can buy

One of the biggest trends in consumer technology over the last few years has been the rise of the smart home. The number of different device categories that now make up the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) has grown immensely, with connected appliances now found in many households across the US and beyond.

The smart home was once an expensive hobby for tech-fiends only but has now become an affordable aspiration for normal people. You can get started for less than $30 these days, with some lights or a smart switch that can connect to your Wi-Fi network and be controlled with your phone.

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[Update: New three-camera kit deal, some others still available] Deal alert: First-gen Arlo Pro with one camera is $50 off ($199), two camera kit is $70 off ($349)

We've covered Netgear's Arlo products on the site for a while. Back in January, Ryan reviewed the original Arlo Pro, and he came away mostly impressed. Now you can get the Arlo Pro with one camera for $50 off, and the Pro with two cameras for $70 off.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon discounts Nest Cam to $118 ($81 off), Cam Outdoor to $125 ($74 off), and Thermostat to $169 ($80 off)

Most of Nest's smart home devices went on sale for Black Friday, but today Amazon is making several Nest products even cheaper. The Nest Cam is down to a mere $117.99, the Cam Outdoor drops to $124.99, and the 3rd gen Thermostat is $169.

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[Deal Alert] Arlo Pro 4-pack on sale for $499.99 ($150 off) [Update]

Keeping an eye on your home or office while away can be an expensive proposition, especially if you need more than one camera. The Arlo Pro camera system is one of our favorites, but the 4-pack usually costs a whopping $650. Today, it'll run you a more reasonable $499.99 at Best Buy.

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[Deal Alert] Most Nest products are on sale including Nest Cam ($60 off) and Thermostat E ($20 off)

Nest's smart home products are overall very good, but the prices can sometimes be a little out of hand. Most Nest devices are a little cheaper today, though. You can shave $20-60 off the prices of Nest's cameras, thermostats, and other gadgets. These reduced prices are available at multiple retailers, so you can pick whichever suits you best.

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[Deal Alert] Arlo Q security camera down to $129.99 ($90 off) at Amazon and Best Buy

Personal security cameras are great, but they can get expensive quick. For example, Google recently started selling its Nest Cam IQ camera, which costs $300 and requires a $10/month plan for most functionality. If you're looking for a cheaper option, Netgear's Arlo Q is a good choice, especially since it's down to $129.99 from Amazon and Best Buy.

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Netgear announces Arlo Pro 2 camera with 1080p video, wired and wireless modes, and more

Netgear has long been known for its networking and storage products, but the Arlo camera division is becoming a force to be reckoned with in its own right. The company saw good results from the release of Arlo Pro last year, and it's following that up with a second generation. The Arlo Pro 2 is going on sale now, and it's a bit more expensive than the previous Arlo Pro. The added cost gets you a resolution bump to 1080p, support for extra wired capabilities, and more.

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Nest camera integration with Google Assistant is already live

One of the coolest demos in Google's event yesterday came during the Nest section when the presenter used an Assistant command to beam a camera feed to the big screen. A lot of the things Googled showed off aren't available yet, but this one is. You might need to do a little setup, though.

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Nest camera support is coming to Google Home/Chromecast

Today's Google event isn't just about new Google-branded products. The company announced today that Nest cameras would have deeper integration with the Google Home and Chromecast.

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Nest Cam IQ update includes full-duplex audio, improved person alerts, and image rotation

The Nest Cam IQ already has a lot of smarts built-in, but it's getting even smarter with a new update. There are some changes to video and person detection, but probably the most important new feature is full-duplex audio. No more walkie-talkie-style conversations with people on the other end of the video feed.

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