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Insteon products will now work with the Google Assistant

There's a familiar refrain from the readers here at AP every time another smart home solution gets Assistant integration: what about Insteon? Though it might not be quite so well-known as other smart home hubs, Insteon's products have a loyal following. And now that last final complaint has been addressed, as the company has added Google Assistant support to its Insteon Hub.

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Canary announces $99 Canary View security camera, plus new Package Detection feature and Alexa integration

Smart home security cameras are very much in vogue these days. From Amazon's Cloud Cam to Nest's assorted cameras, it's a popular and growing market. Canary might not be quite so big as its competitors, but it offers affordable alternatives in the wake of its crowdfunding campaign back in 2013. The newest home security camera in the Canary lineup is the $99 Canary View. In addition to this new hardware, Canary has also announced an AI-based Package Detection feature and skill integration with Amazon's Alexa. 

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Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt will soon integrate with the Google Assistant

Just ahead of CES proper, Schlage has announced that its immensely popular Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt (say that five times fast) will soon work with Google Assistant. A few months back, it added support for Amazon's Alexa, right after adding an Android app for remote control. And now, sometime in Q1 of this year, you'll be able to 'Hey Google' your way into locking or unlocking your Schlage-equipped front door.

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Kohler wants you to talk to your toilet and mirror which is not at all weird

Kohler, a maker of kitchen and bath products, seems to believe that you should never have to touch their products if at all possible. They're coming to CES with a new voice and motion-control platform so that you can get Alexa in your bathroom mirror, operate your kitchen faucet with gestures, and talk to your toilet. Not kidding!

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Alexa will soon operate your very complicated microwave for you

The more capable a microwave oven is, the harder it is to figure out what buttons to press to make it do the thing you want. Or so I've heard. Today, Amazon announced that it will save us all from furiously button-mashing to just heat up some leftovers by adding cooking capabilities to its Smart Home Skill API and working with appliance manufacturers to add its Alexa assistant to cloud-connected microwave ovens.

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[Deal Alert] Arlo Pro 2 discounts include $100 off four-cam kit ($700), $30 off two-cam kit ($450), and $20 off single cam ($200)

For anyone looking for extra peace of mind at home, you could do worse than install a home security camera system. It's not a cheap endeavor by any means, but if you can afford to do it, there are genuine benefits to be had. Netgear's range of Arlo Pro cameras are among the best in the business, and right now it's possible to pick up its second-generation hardware at a tidy price.

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Most Wanted: The best smart home products you can buy

One of the biggest trends in consumer technology over the last few years has been the rise of the smart home. The number of different device categories that now make up the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) has grown immensely, with connected appliances now found in many households across the US and beyond.

The smart home was once an expensive hobby for tech-fiends only but has now become an affordable aspiration for normal people. You can get started for less than $30 these days, with some lights or a smart switch that can connect to your Wi-Fi network and be controlled with your phone.

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[Update: New three-camera kit deal, some others still available] Deal alert: First-gen Arlo Pro with one camera is $50 off ($199), two camera kit is $70 off ($349)

We've covered Netgear's Arlo products on the site for a while. Back in January, Ryan reviewed the original Arlo Pro, and he came away mostly impressed. Now you can get the Arlo Pro with one camera for $50 off, and the Pro with two cameras for $70 off.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon discounts Nest Cam to $118 ($81 off), Cam Outdoor to $125 ($74 off), and Thermostat to $169 ($80 off)

Most of Nest's smart home devices went on sale for Black Friday, but today Amazon is making several Nest products even cheaper. The Nest Cam is down to a mere $117.99, the Cam Outdoor drops to $124.99, and the 3rd gen Thermostat is $169.

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[Deal Alert] Arlo Pro 4-pack on sale for $499.99 ($150 off) [Update]

Keeping an eye on your home or office while away can be an expensive proposition, especially if you need more than one camera. The Arlo Pro camera system is one of our favorites, but the 4-pack usually costs a whopping $650. Today, it'll run you a more reasonable $499.99 at Best Buy.

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