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[Update: Resolved] Problems with your Philips Hue? Widespread outages reported

According to recent reports, those of you with Philips Hue bulbs equipped at home may be running into a few problems today. The company has acknowledged an outage related to remote connectivity, including out of home and voice controls. Local controls are unaffected.

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Wyze Cam Pan is a versatile smart security camera that costs just $30

Wyze released its first smart camera, the Wyze Cam, just last year. It was (and still is) a crazy bargain: 20 bucks for a stationary, 1080p, connected security camera that can see in the dark. Now the company has announced an even better version for just $10 more. The Wyze Cam Pan does everything the Wyze Cam does and then some for $30.

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Netatmo adds Google Assistant support to its smart security cameras

French gadget-maker Netatmo has announced that its Presence and Welcome security cameras have added support for Google Assistant. Using voice commands, users are able to control a few of the cameras' functions.

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Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt now supports Google Assistant

Back at CES, lock maker Schlage said it was on track to add support for Google Assistant to its popular Sense Smart Deadbolt. The company didn't have a firm timeline for the release but said it would be in the first quarter of the year. Well, that clearly didn't happen. It is happening today, though. Schlage says Google Assistant is now supported on the Sense Smart Deadbolt, but some functions are still limited to the app.

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Philips Hue's promised 3.0 app update brings new UI, 30 new scenes, and shortcuts [APK Download]

Philips announced an update to its Hue smart lights app at this year's CES and ever since, users have been patiently waiting for the new version to drop and bring all the promised improvements. That day is finally here as v3.0 of the Hue app is rolling to users on the Play Store.

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Netgear asks Arlo customers to change passwords in light of security threat

If you own an Arlo security camera, listen up: Netgear is asking its Arlo customers to change their passwords after observing suspicious activity involving attackers trying to get access to user accounts. The forum post notes that Arlo has no evidence of a security breach of its own systems.

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IFTTT adds 6 new services, including WattTime, AICO and Wyze

Popular automation platform IFTTT (If this, then that) has added yet more services to help you control IoT devices around your home. There are already thousands of integrated brands and applets you can use and the last update included IntuiFace, Atmoph, Hubitat, and more. The latest batch includes six new channels.

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Assistant support coming to Xiaomi's smart home products, U.S. launch soon

Xiaomi has been working on smart home products for some time now, but the company announced that it will be adding Assistant support soon. But, in equally interesting news, it also said it will be launching some of those here in the U.S. in the near future.

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August and Schlage smart locks get new Alexa voice unlock skill

If you've been itching to unlock your Schlage or August door locks with Alexa, I have some good news for you. Both companies announced a new skill that allows you to do just that. Some of you might have security concerns about this, but both Schlage and August are quick to affirm that this system is, in fact, quite safe.

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Nest Temperature Sensor is now available from the Google Store and Nest

Nest announced a long-awaited temperature sensor add-on for its thermostats several months ago, but it's only been available for pre-order thus far. Some of those early orders shipped, but it's now officially available and the app is ready for it. You can pick up the sensor on Nest's store or from the Google Store.

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