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Nest permanently drops Nest Secure price to $399 ($100 off) and Nest Detect to $49 ($10 off)

The Nest Secure is a smart security system that's super-easy to set up. However, it was also really expensive at launch. Today, Nest has knocked 20% off the price of the full Secure system, and this is a permanent price drop. If you want extra Detect sensors, those are a little cheaper, too.

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Skyrim: Very Special Edition is real and works on all Alexa devices (including your phone)

It's becoming a bit of a running gag that Bethesda will put Skyrim on anything as it continues to milk the popular game for all it's worth. So naturally, everyone thought the Alexa version of Skyrim Bethesda demoed in its E3 press event was a self-aware joke. Nope, it's completely real, and you can play it right now.

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[Deal Alert] Get $30-50 off Nest cameras on the Google Store

Nest makes some truly excellent security cameras, but they're not cheap. Today, they're at least a little cheaper on the Google Store. The Nest Cam IQ, IQ Outdoor, Cam Outdoor, and indoor camera are all on sale for the next ten days.

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You can finally add enhanced 'Arlo Smart' features to your Arlo cameras starting today

Netgear's Arlo cameras have traditionally lacked some features that you get with competing wired cameras. The completely wireless nature of Arlo cameras makes things like person detection tricky, but Netgear announced it was working on that and more last summer. The "Arlo Smart" add-on service has been in beta testing for months, but now it's finally rolling out to customers. Not only do you get person detection but activity zones, rich notifications, and more.

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You can now purchase the Echo Look from Amazon without an invite

Amazon has crammed its Alexa virtual assistant into a myriad of different devices and form factors. The strangest is the fashion-focused Echo Look camera. You can now find out just how weird it is for yourself. Amazon has opened general sales of the Look, and it can be yours for $200.

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[Update: Resolved] Problems with your Philips Hue? Widespread outages reported

According to recent reports, those of you with Philips Hue bulbs equipped at home may be running into a few problems today. The company has acknowledged an outage related to remote connectivity, including out of home and voice controls. Local controls are unaffected.

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Wyze Cam Pan is a versatile smart security camera that costs just $30

Wyze released its first smart camera, the Wyze Cam, just last year. It was (and still is) a crazy bargain: 20 bucks for a stationary, 1080p, connected security camera that can see in the dark. Now the company has announced an even better version for just $10 more. The Wyze Cam Pan does everything the Wyze Cam does and then some for $30.

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Netatmo adds Google Assistant support to its smart security cameras

French gadget-maker Netatmo has announced that its Presence and Welcome security cameras have added support for Google Assistant. Using voice commands, users are able to control a few of the cameras' functions.

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Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt now supports Google Assistant

Back at CES, lock maker Schlage said it was on track to add support for Google Assistant to its popular Sense Smart Deadbolt. The company didn't have a firm timeline for the release but said it would be in the first quarter of the year. Well, that clearly didn't happen. It is happening today, though. Schlage says Google Assistant is now supported on the Sense Smart Deadbolt, but some functions are still limited to the app.

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Philips Hue's promised 3.0 app update brings new UI, 30 new scenes, and shortcuts [APK Download]

Philips announced an update to its Hue smart lights app at this year's CES and ever since, users have been patiently waiting for the new version to drop and bring all the promised improvements. That day is finally here as v3.0 of the Hue app is rolling to users on the Play Store.

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