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Arlo cameras will soon get object recognition features with Arlo Smart

Netgear's Arlo cameras are a solid choice if you need to stick some cameras in places where you don't have a power outlet. The current-gen Arlo Pro cameras can run for about six months on a charge, and they reliably detect motion... all motion. That can mean a lot of notifications if you place a camera outside, but the upcoming Arlo Smart feature will let you filter notifications based on what the camera has actually seen.

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[Deal Alert] Arlo Pro security camera two-pack down to $336.62 (regularly $420) on Amazon

Keeping an eye on your humble abode is something many companies are happy to help you with these days, but most of the WiFi security cameras out there require a power source. Not Arlo Pro, which has a rechargeable battery that's good for around six months. These cameras cost a pretty penny, but the two-pack is currently on sale for $336.62 on Amazon.

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Nest Cam IQ camera is official with a 4K sensor and 'familiar faces' detection for $299 (or 2 for $498)

We posted some details of Nest's upcoming 4K camera last week, and now it's official. The Nest Cam IQ isn't just a tweaked version of the old camera, it introduces completely new features to the Nest lineup. The video is sharper, the software is smarter, and it's more expensive. That last part might not be your favorite, but $299 (or $498 for 2) is what it'll cost you to get this device.

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[Deal Alert] Get a 3-pack Arlo Pro security system for $450 ($130 off), if you have Amazon Prime

There are plenty of great home security systems on the market, but most of them are pretty costly. If you're looking for a (relatively) less expensive option, we've got just the deal for you. Now you can get the 3-camera Arlo Pro security system for just $450 ($130 off), as long as you have Amazon Prime.

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Nest app update adds Google Smart Lock, Nest Cam motion alerts, and more

Google-owned smart home company Nest has added yet more helpful new features to its popular app. Easily one of the best looking Android apps out there, Nest manages to introduce thoughtful, incremental improvements with each version bump. This time round we're treated to Google Smart Lock integration and new Nest Cam notifications.

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[Deal Alert] Snag an Arlo Pro 3-pack from Amazon for $500 ($80 off)

Security cameras continue to gather more and more sales. Amazon still leads the way with today's deal — the Arlo Pro 3-pack, which includes the siren and three cameras, is going for $499.99 right now. Normally, this would cost you $579.99, but you can save a nice $80 sum.

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[Deal Alert] Arlo Q 2-pack of 1080p cameras available for $260 on Amazon ($90 off)

If you're looking for a way to secure your home or small business or if you already have an Arlo system in place and want to expand it, there's a nice deal over on Amazon for a 2-pack of the Arlo Q 1080p cameras.

These are AC-powered security cams with 130deg wide-angle lenses, night vision, motion detection and activity zones, optional 24/7 recording, 7 days of free storage (upgradable), 2-way audio. They're not weather-proof and can't work without power, so you will be limited a little in where you place them, but they should do the job indoors. The cams can be scheduled to arm and disarm, but if you want more flexibility over their control, you can integrate them with SmartThings, Wink, IFTTT, Stringify, and Telguard.

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[Deal Alert] Nest Cam Outdoor on sale for $159.99 at Newegg with coupon code

Nest makes some of the best camera products you can get, and they're tied into a lot of Google's services like Assistant. The problem, they're expensive and rarely go on sale. You can get a modest, but appreciated discount on the Nest Cam Outdoor at Newegg right now. It takes the price down to $159.99.

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[Deal Alert] Get an Arlo Q 2-pack from Amazon for $280 ($70 off)

Having a security camera is something that is quite tempting for me, partially due to my living arrangements and location and also because I like to always be aware of what's going on around me. So it's deals like this one that really pique my interest. Amazon has a 2-pack of the wired Arlo Q security camera for $279.99, a savings of $70, which makes each camera $140.

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Netgear Arlo Pro review: Great at a few things, but just okay at the rest

Consumer security cameras have become a huge product category in the last couple year with the likes of Google, FLIR, and Logitech taking a swing at home monitoring. Your options are greatly reduced if you need a camera that operates for long stretches on battery or in the great outdoors. This is something Netgear has attempted to address with its Arlo security cameras. The new Arlo Pro adds a few features to the lineup, bringing it to parity with standard wired cameras. However, the wireless aspect means you'll have to make some compromises.

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