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Keep an eye on your whole home with an Arlo Ultra 4K 3-camera system for $708 ($91 off)

Arlo's security cameras are some of the best around, but they're also some of the most expensive: a three-pack of Arlo Ultra 4K cameras along with the required base station normally costs an eye-watering $800. You can save almost a hundred bucks on the kit today on Amazon, though.

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Track your body stats on the cheap with a Eufy Smart Scale for just $30 ($15 off)

If you're looking to lose weight, visualizing data is a great advantage; seeing that, despite daily fluctuations, you're still on track can be highly motivating. Smart scales save you the hassle of manually tracking numbers and creating your own graphs. That may not seem like a luxury worth paying much money for, but Eufy's Smart Scale is pretty much an impulse buy at its current sale price.

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Eufy's 2K Wi-Fi smart doorbell is down to $110 with this coupon code ($50 off)

If you're looking for a convenient way to keep an eye on your front door but don't want to break the bank, Eufy has got you covered with its video doorbell. It normally sells for around $160, but you can snatch it for just $100 thanks to this coupon code.

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Grab two Xiaomi Yi security cameras for $57 ($13 off) from Amazon

If you’re holding off on purchasing an indoor security camera until Black Friday, this deal on Xiaomi Yi security cameras might entice you into buying one (or two) right now. A pair of Yi Home Camera 3 can be purchased from Amazon for $56.50, down from their usual MSRP of $69.99.

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Upcoming Google Nest Wifi shows up at the FCC

With Google's October event fast approaching, more and more devices slated to be unveiled on that date are showing up in leaks and at regulatory bodies. We've already received word that the upcoming Google Wifi follow-up, likely to be called Nest Wifi, could be one of them and feature speakers and microphones for Assistant support. Two entries for "Interactive internet streaming device[s]" appeared today at the FCC today, dubbed A4R-H2D and A4R-H2E, and judging from the naming convention, it sure looks like those could be the purported Nest Wifi and its beacons.

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Grab a Ring Video Doorbell 2 for $200, get a free Echo Show 5 ($90 off)

Wi-Fi video doorbells are much more convenient than traditional ones in the sense that they let you keep an eye on your front door wherever you are. However, it can be painful to look for your phone or tablet when someone rings the bell, which is why they're a lot more practical when used in combination with a smart display. Buying both can quickly break the bank, though, but thanks to this deal, you can get a free Echo Show 5 with the purchase of a Ring Video Doorbell 2, which saves you about $90 on the device's retail price.

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Amazon-owned Eero and Ring launch new mesh Wi-Fi station, security cameras at killer prices

Amazon has made a busy day for the consuming public: we've just parsed our way through the Echo speakers, the smart oven, other smart ephemera, and a raft of booster shots to Alexa. Now, we're covering the Amazon subsidiaries that have products coming out this fall. For eero, it has revamped its mesh Wi-Fi base station while Ring has a pair of cameras and a bridge between its Alarm hub and older alarm systems. Both are putting price pressure on their respective marketplaces.

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Amazon debuts new Echo Show 8 smart display, noise-reducing earbuds, and more

When it comes to selling what it makes, Amazon's Echo speakers are the company's bread and butter. But those speakers were, at one point, experiments and they've had their time to grow — just as much as that AmazonBasics microwave turned into a smart oven, but whatevs. So, we're here to talk about the new Echo Show smart display, wireless earbuds, a lamp, a pair of sort-of-smart glasses and a sort-of-smart ring.

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Arlo announces Pro 3 wireless security cameras with 2K resolution

Despite its issues, Arlo still makes the best wireless security cameras. Arlo took a big step early this year when it launched its first 4K security camera, the Arlo Ultra. Arlo's newest camera builds on the Ultra, but it has a lower resolution, and hopefully fewer bugs at launch.

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The Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box is a $230 home theater lighting hub for control freaks

When we reviewed the Philips Hue Play light bar earlier this year, we had some ostensible gripes we just couldn’t ignore: a hefty price tag, computer app issues and no native TV or console support. It was a decent product in need of improvement.

Today, Philips is introducing a new television connection hub that aims to solve at least one of these grievances, and they’re calling it the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

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