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Get 4 LIFX smart color bulbs for the price of 2 in the US, EU, and UK ($60 to $120 savings)

Smart lights are often cited as the first product you get for any smart home. They're easy to install and set up, and they're convenient to have whether you just want to automate your lighting, control it via voice commands, or use it to pretend someone is home when you're away. If you haven't started building your smart home yet or if you're looking for extra lights to brighten up your rooms, there's a secret deal on LIFX bulbs today that can save you up to $120.

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Grab two Anker Eufy smart plugs for $26 ($14 off)

If you missed Aukey's recent markdown on smart sockets and are still on the lookout for a connected one, this deal on a 2-pack Eufy Smart Plugs gives you another chance at wirelessly controlling your appliances at a discount. The rebate takes $14 off the original $40 tag, bringing the two plugs down to just $26.

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Soma smart shades review: Retrofitting your blinds for Google Assistant requires many compromises

Automating the light in your home is easy if you only consider getting some smart bulbs or switches or plugs. But once it comes to natural light, the equation gets a bit more complicated. Smart shades/blinds/curtains aren't as ubiquitous, and the current solutions aren't ideal. You either have to replace your entire shades (Ikea, Lutron), the motor (Neo Smart Blinds), or if you're not feeling particularly adventurous, you can try to retrofit your existing window coverings.

The solution for that is both a little genius and ridiculous: there's a cord to control your shades, so how about adding a motor that just pulls on that cord instead of you?

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Ring 'Neighborhoods' program asks users to share their camera feeds with police

Ring is rolling out a new crime-fighting initiative today as part of its Neighborhoods portal, which was previously only open to users. Now, Ring has a special version of Neighborhoods for law enforcement, allowing officers to see local alerts from Ring users and request access to your videos. The facts of this story are less crazy than some of the headlines would lead you to believe, but there are still a number of troubling aspects.

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Nest Secure starter kit drops to $280 ($120 off), and Nest Detect sensors are $39 ($10 off)

Nest launched its home security bundle at $500 a while back, which was pretty tough to justify. It has since come down $100, and today it's on sale for $100-120 less than that. Plus, you can get those spendy all-in-one Nest Detect sensors for an all-time low price of $39.

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Get a Nest Indoor Cam 3-pack at an all-time low price of $279 at Target ($118 off)

Nest, the Google-owned smart home company, is known for making excellent (albeit expensive) products that integrate well in Google Home ecosystems. Target now has the Nest Indoor Cam 3-Pack on sale for $279 — 30% off its MSRP and the lowest price we've ever seen.

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Samsung's giving $20 off on orders of $100 or more (and $40 off $200+) for SmartThings

Earlier this month, home improvement store Lowe's announced it was shutting down its ecosystem of 'Iris' smart home devices. In addition to giving some Iris device owners prepaid Visa cards, Lowe's is working with Samsung to ensure the company's SmartThings hub supports as many Iris devices as possible.

If you're a former Iris user looking to replace your unsupported devices, or if you just want to deck your home out in smart stuff, Samsung has a decent promotion right now.

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August Smart Lock drops to $94 ($56 off) on Amazon

Sometimes, I wish that I wouldn't have to get out of bed every night to make doubly sure that I locked the front door. Sometimes, I just wish I could roll over, pick up my phone, and check. Luckily for all of you like me, there are several options for smart locks on the market. And if you're looking for one, Amazon has a great deal on a third-gen August Smart Lock: $94, a very nice $55.99 off the MSRP.

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Today only, get two TP-Link Smart Plug Minis for $28 ($22 off)

TP-Link's smart stuff is really solid and really affordable — all the more so since it frequently goes on sale. Until midnight tonight, you can grab an absolute banger of a deal on the company's Smart Plug Minis. Normally $25 apiece, they're currently $27.99 for a two-pack at B&H.

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Arlo Ultra launch is a mess: Suspended sales, cloud storage price hikes, and persistent bugs

Arlo announced the Arlo Ultra 4K camera system late last year, and we got a closer look at the cameras during CES in January. Arlo needed a hit after a disappointing fourth quarter, but the Ultra cameras aren't off to a great start. Best Buy has apparently halted sales of the cameras following negative reviews and customer complaints.

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