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Google is adding dinosaurs to its 3D search models

You can use Google Search to find 3D models of animals, planets, astronauts, and even cell models and view them as though they were inside your own home. Now Google has announced a new entry to the ever-growing party — dinosaurs. Ten models are brought to you via a collaboration between the search engine and Ludia's Jurassic World mobile game, so you can have that T-Rex stomping through your living room, if that's an experience you're dying to get.

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Google Image Search picks up fact check labels and summaries

Google is bringing fact-checking to its Google Image Search results, via a new "fact check" label that will appear beneath thumbnails for some images. The expanded image view will also show further details including a summary of the fact check from the linked page. The new fact check labels will appear for image results that surface from fact-checking websites from articles either about a specific image, or which reference it.

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Google Messages starts rolling out top search bar in beta

Google Messages is the main SMS client for Android, and while most of the app's recent development has been focused on improving RCS, the design team has also been hard at work. Now the app is receiving a top search bar, similar to what Gmail and other Google apps already have.

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Google Earth has a new search interface that shows featured content, search history, and more

Google has just announced that a new search "experience" for Google Earth has rolled out. In addition to simply being more attractive, the new layout shows your search history, offers featured content and must-see views, and lets you search for data layers as well as places.

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Google now suggests alternate searches based on your recent activity

Over the years, Google has connected many of its other products and services to Search, as well as adding a plethora of features that make it truly powerful. We discovered a small but interesting addition to search recently, in which Google's web search interface will suggest an alternate search query based on your recent search (and possibly other) activity.

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How to get back 'exact size' and 'larger than' search filters on Google Images

It's been more than seven months since Google Images got rid of some of its most useful search parameters, to the dismay of many. While we first hoped the change could be a bug or temporary, it's now become clear that this was an intentional decision on Google's side. Every few days, I go looking for the "exact size" or "larger than" search options, then quickly remember that they've disappeared and switch into one of my backup plans. In this post, I'll look at the different parameters that Google removed and how you can replicate their functionality in various ways.

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Google Assistant tests tab-less settings interface with search bar

A long time ago (prior to 2018, to be specific), Google Assistant's settings came without the now-familiar tabbed interface. Much like the system settings, different sections were accessible via top-level entries. It looks like Google is experimenting with a return to something akin to that old interface. A current A/B test spotted by 9to5Google puts a search bar at the top of the settings and gets rid of the tabs.

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Google Play now shows app rating, size, and download count in search results

Downloading an app is a matter of seconds, but we sometimes need to know a little more about one before installing it. In order to provide us with some details and spare us extra clicks, the Play Store shows an app's developer, category, and rating directly within the search results. These are now even richer, as you can also see the number of times an app has been installed, helping you gauge its popularity directly from the search results.

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Google Image Search results will stop highlighting picture dimensions in favor of new labels and licensing details

If you're using Google Image Search in any serious capacity — say, to fill a slideshow up with helpful, relevant visual media — then you may be somewhat concerned with the dimensions of the pictures you're finding (that is, how well a picture will blow up). However, the search engine company will soon deprioritize this information in favor of showing you other parameters.

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