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The Google Search App Can Now Answer More Complex Questions

You never needed to phrase a search as a question in order for Google to provide an answer, but that didn't stop many of us from doing so anyway. And this was before smartphones and tablets started prompting us to ask questions using our voice. Fortunately, the habit hasn't stopped Google from telling us what we want to know, and now the search engine is becoming smart enough to understand some of our more complicated questions.

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Tip: Tapping The G Icon In The Google Search App Creates A New Search And Leaves The Previous One Accessible Using The Recents Button


Google Search Will Now Show You The Busiest Time Of Day For That Place You're Going To

Do you like to frequent places when they're at their busiest or do you prefer to slip in when no one else is around? No matter. Google Search will now help you do both. When you search for certain establishments, Google will show you which times of the day are the most popular.

Just search for a place's name and click on its card in the search results. Underneath the address and phone number you might see a scrollable chart showing when folks tend to stop by.


Results will vary. I had success when trying Blue Bottle Williamsburg, the coffee shop in Google's example.

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Some Android Users Are Seeing 'Did You Mean...' Corrections In Google Search Suggestions

Anyone who's used the Internet for a few days knows that Google (and all the other search engines at this point) will suggest alternative search terms if the algorithm determines that you've made a typo or a mistake. At least one user is now seeing this behaviour on the Android app version of Google Search, and seeing it before you would expect to: right in the drop-down search results that appear before you actually press Enter.


What the hell are firms of endearment?

This is interesting not because it's a previously unseen feature of Google Search on Android, but because it also isn't present on Google Search on the web and in Chrome.

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Tip: When Using Voice In Google Search, Tap Individual Words To 'Respeak' Them


[Google And Twitter Sitting In A Tree] You Can Now View Tweets Among Search Results In The Google Search App And On The Mobile Web

Google and Twitter have rekindled their relationship, and that means users can now view tweets inside the Google Search app. Messages appear among results in a carousel, similar to images. The feature is live today for people searching in English across the US on Android, iOS, or the web. Desktop compatibility is still in the works, along with support for other countries.

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You Can Now Order Food Directly From Google Search Results

Google's search engine first attracted users because it was a fast and useful way to find the information. The faster you send users away, the faster they come back, the thinking went. These days Google has no shortage of services to keep us from ever leaving its servers. But some new features keep that original vibe of Google-y awesomeness. This latest addition to Search is one such feature.

Now when you search for a local restaurant, Google will show the option to place an order. Hitting this button will ask for your preferred delivery service and then pull up the appropriate website.


This feature is only available in the US, and for now it's limited to six partners: BeyondMenu,,

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You Can Now Send Directions To Your Phone From Desktop Google Search

There are a few ways to get directions from your computer to a phone, but Google just added this handy functionality to Google search. Simply search for "send directions," and Google will let you pick a location and device, then you're good to go.


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Google Search Results Now Show App Recommendations For Indexed Apps That Aren't On Your Device

I understand if you don't remember anything about app indexing. It's not a particularly sexy topic. Here's all you need to know for this post—developers who implement app indexing can have their apps show up when users perform relevant Google searches. Say, you're looking for a recipe, and you have an app installed that contains that recipe. Google will point you in that direction.

Before, this only worked with apps that you already had on your device. Now Google is expanding this feature to push you in the direction of non-installed apps as well. So if you search for something and an app that isn't on your phone can provide the answers you're looking for, your results will let you know.

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Google Search v4.3 Update Is Rolling Out [APK Download]

The Google Search app plays host to quite a few features and capabilities we take for granted on our phones, especially for anybody that makes extensive use of Google Now and the Google Launcher. An update just started rolling out that brings the app up to v4.3, but there aren't any immediately obvious changes in this release, at least not from a user-facing perspective. It's likely that this release is preparing for the soon to be open Cards API that will allow developers to insert their own content into the Google Now stream. The download link is available below for those that want to check it out right away.

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