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[Hands-On] Logitech Announces Logi ZeroTouch Android Car Mounts With Voice Control App

Logitech is unveiling a new product today, and its exclusively for Android with the aim of making it easier to use your phone in the car without distraction. Logi ZeroTouch is a smart car mount with included voice control app. And yes, you need one to use the other. These two things are not usually so intertwined, but ZeroTouch is an unusual product. Would you like to know how unusual? Read on.

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[Review + Deal Alert] A Look At Anker's Newly Released Power Bank - The Powerhouse - Its Highest Capacity Battery Ever With A Whopping 120,600mAh Of Juice

Anker has been a leader in manufacturing mobile charging accessories for quite some time. Wall chargers, car chargers, portable batteries – you name 'em Anker makes them, and I'm willing to bet a lot of you own one or more of their devices. Today Anker is releasing a new gadget, and it's bigger and more powerful than anything they have ever made before. It's called the Anker Powerhouse and I've been testing one for the past week.

What It Is

The Powerhouse is a lithium-ion power bank with enormous capacity. What kind of capacity are we talking? Well, there are 36 individual batteries in the Powerhouse and each one is rated at 3,350mAh.

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Review + Deal Alert: Tronsmart's New Charger Product Portfolio Works Great With Qualcomm Quick Charge Devices & Rapid Charging Nexus Phones

It's time for another charging product portfolio review, and this time the company we are checking out is Tronsmart. Tronsmart was one of the first accessory manufacturers to embrace the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 standard when it was introduced. Its product quality and broad selection of QC 2.0 chargers led to Qualcomm choosing a Tronsmart charger as a hero product on its QC 3.0 featured products page.

The Tronsmart QC 3.0 portfolio is quite large, with chargers ranging from a single port all the way up to five ports. All of their USB Type-A chargers feature just one USB QC 3.0 port (marked with a blue USB port), with the remainder being VoltiQ smart ports with a maximum output of 2.4A.

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Yeelight Bedside Lamp Review: A Pretty Nice Wireless LED Lamp For A Pretty Reasonable Price

Connected "smart" lighting is far from a new concept, but in late-2012, Philips released the first Hue lightbulb which became the blueprint for a new category in an old market. It was no longer enough for lights to turn on at a scheduled time or with a clunky wireless remote, they had to become smarter, more efficient, more flexible, and we wanted to control them with our smartphones. But a product of this type lends itself to variations, special features, and stylistic choices beyond those of the original innovation. This brings us to the Yeelight, a Bluetooth-enabled bedside lamp with a stylish look, simple controls, and a couple of clever features to go along with it.

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[Review + Deal Alert] Aukey's Lineup Of QC 3.0 Chargers Is Ready For The Next Generation Of Smartphones

Since the time I began writing for Android Police last spring I have written dozens of deal alerts. Many of these articles have featured mobile accessories from brands I had not previously heard of, let alone tried for myself. While reviews on Amazon are a nice tool to help determine if a product is any good, there is no substitute for a recommendation from a source you trust. With that in mind, today I'm starting a new series of articles reviewing mobile accessories from the manufacturers that we often feature in Deal Alerts at Android Police.

First up in the series is Aukey's lineup of QC 3.0 chargers. Aukey

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Amazon Fire TV Stick (2015) Lightning Review: Still Probably The Best Streaming Stick Money Can Buy

It's been about a year since Amazon released the first Fire TV Stick (give or take a couple of months), which was probably the best streaming stick at the time—arguably better than both Chromecast and Roku Streaming Stick. Naturally, the company didn't want to wait too long before updating both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, though I'm not sure that I'd call what the FTV Stick got an actual "upgrade." Really, it's the same stick as last year, but now there's an option to bundle it with the voice remote for just $10 more than the normal price of $40 (making it $50).

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Blue Lola Headphones Review: A Cheaper, Lighter, Simpler Version Of The Mo-Fi With The Same Lovable Sound

The Blue Mo-Fis were one of the more controversial headphones of 2014, owing to a built-in, battery-powered amplifier that Blue - a company traditionally in the microphone business - alleged made them superior for mobile device listening. I reviewed them and found Blue's claim to be accurate - especially when it came to Android smartphones, which generally offer lower-power built-in amplifiers than comparable iOS devices. But many headphone nuts were unconvinced, and begged Blue to release a cheaper, amp-less version of the Mo-Fis. And that's exactly what the $250 Blue Lolas are.

Gone are the internal battery, amplifier, the headband adjuster, and a fair bit of weight owed to these features.

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Choetech Aluminum And Fast Charge Wireless Chargers Review: The Chargers Are Good, The Names Are Not

You know what I love about the Nexus 4, 5, 6, and 7? Wireless charging. In fact, that's the primary reason I haven't moved to the Nexus 6P or 5X yet — I just can't stand the idea of having it plug in every time I need to charge my phone. I realize that some people don't care about it either way, but it's been a game changer for me. I have a few wireless chargers around the house, and when I need to power up, I just toss my phone on one of them. Done. Every phone should have this.

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TYLT Energi 6K Quick Review: This Thing Just Makes Sense

There are two things that are staples in the bag that I carry basically everywhere I go: an external battery pack and charger, because sometimes I'm near a wall, and sometimes I'm not. At least one USB cable comes into the equation somewhere too, because what good is a charger without a cable. None, I'd say. None good.

Anyway, this new Energi 6K from TYLT is pretty neat, because it's both of those things in one thing. It's got a 6,000 mAh battery pack and charger all in one. It's not a Qualcomm-certified Quick Charger like the one I usually carry, but that's OK.

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[Android Car Review] The 2016 Honda Accord Is Android Auto's Most Grown-Up Application Yet

The Honda Accord may not be a car you’re terribly familiar with if you don’t reside in North America. You may also not realize just how popular it is here. While Honda sells the Accord abroad (and also a modified Chinese-built version called the Crider in Southeast Asia), nowhere has the Accord been more successful than the US of A. This is because when the Accord was introduced for the American market in the early 1980s as an affordable, reliable, American-built Japanese sedan, it was at a time when domestically-designed and produced American sedans were, well, pretty universally... terrible.

The Accord was not terrible.

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