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Weekend poll: How do you clean your phone?

We're all preoccupied with cleanliness these days, given the concerns posed by the COVID-19 pandemic (popularized as coronavirus). But while it's easy enough to wash your hands regularly, it's not quite as easy to keep your phone clean. We've got a few tips of our own, but we're curious to know: How do you clean your phone?

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Weekend poll: Have you ever used your phone in the shower?

With a few exceptions, most flagship phones these days have an IP rating that guarantees a certain level of water resistance (note, not waterproofing). Warranty service is always a question, but that explicit rating is usually enough to impart a bit more confidence should you need to use it during a spring storm, or if it falls into a puddle. But, I've got a feeling that's not all our readers might use it for. This might seem like an oddly specific question, and it is, but: Have you ever used your phone in the shower?

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Weekend poll: What's the most you'd pay for a smartphone?

Smartphone prices have always been on the rise, but the Galaxy S20 Ultra just smashed right through the thousand-dollar barrier, bringing a mainstream flagship to $1,400. Our budgets and means might vary, but objectively speaking, that's a lot of cash for a smartphone, and not the sort of thing too many folks can afford. With money on our mind, we're curious to know, what's the most you'd consider spending on a smartphone?

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Weekend poll: Are you going to try the Android 11 previews this year?

The first Android 11 Developer Preview landed just last week, bringing the adventurous an early taste at Google's (currently incomplete) vision of the platform's future. Even with a handful of known issues and limited device compatibility, we know our readers: Some of you have probably already installed it. Whether you're waiting for a more stable release, or just hoping your phone gets in on the later betas, are you going to try the Android 11 previews this year?

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Weekend poll: Do you like our new dark theme?

You might have missed it, but just before the Galaxy S20 was announced last week, we flipped the switch on a new dark theme for the Android Police website. It's been in the works for a long time, and it works across several browsers and platforms (even in AMP), with manual controls to enable and disable it as you prefer. So, what do you think?

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Weekend poll: Have you already decided to get a Galaxy S20?

I'd hesitate to say we already know everything about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S20 series since it's always possible to be surprised, but potential unknowns are few and far between. Thanks to extensive and continuous leaks, most of us not living under a rock know what to expect from Samsung's upcoming flagships — at least in terms of hardware and design. Those details never tell the full story when it comes to a phone, but we're curious to know if you've already made a purchasing decision based on leaks alone.

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Weekend poll: Do you leave auto-rotate on or off?

This week's poll is simple: Do you have auto-rotation enabled or disabled on your phone? It's a single toggle located in your Quick Settings on Android (or the Control Center on iOS), which controls your phone's ability to rotate content as your phone's orientation changes. If it's disabled on recent versions of Android, your phone will keep content locked to portrait — handy when you're reclining on a sofa or in bed. So, on or off?

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Weekend poll: Which messaging apps do you use?

Plenty of folks are pretty excited about the new WhatsApp dark mode, which landed in a beta release earlier this week. Between that news and other recent discussions in the ol' comment section, we've had messaging on our mind here at Android Police for a while now. For this week's poll, we're curious to know which apps you use for messaging.

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Weekend poll: Pixel owners, have you received the January update yet?

Although Google's Pixels are known for their frequency of software updates, many owners have had difficulty pulling them down in recent months, especially in the case of the latest Pixel 4. Following an especially slow rollout for the big December "feature drop" update, Google promised that January would deliver a "joint" update that might fix things. With that update rolling out a week ago, We're curious to know if it's landed on your Pixel yet.

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