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Weekend poll: What did you do with your last phone when you upgraded?

Buying a new phone is a big decision, especially with the prices these days. For most of us, dropping several hundred bucks isn't something that can be easily done. You've got to plan for and budget it out well in advance. But once you've made the actual purchasing decision, the credit card's been charged, and you get that delivery notification, there's one more choice you've got to make: If you still have it, what do you do with the old phone?

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Weekend discussion: What are your favorite underappreciated features?

One of Android's greatest strengths is the platform's diversity, allowing manufacturers to customize as they see fit with their own tweaks and changes. Samsung fans, for example, often point at features that the company implemented first, which later trickled down into stock Android. While we're all probably familiar with most of the big headlining features from each company's software, what are your favorite lesser-known or underappreciated Android features?

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Weekend poll: Do you use widgets on your home screen? And if so, how many?

Widgets were once triumphed as one of Android's small victories over other platforms, offering extra utility that almost everyone saw as a clear benefit — or, at least, a fun avenue for customization. They've been around now for over a decade, and though third party support has waxed and waned, we're curious to know: Do you use a widget on your home screen/launcher? If so, how many have you got?

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Weekend poll: Do you want us to review Windows laptops?

It's reasonable to assume, given our niche, that all (or almost all) of our readers have a phone. But, you've also probably got a laptop, and the interactions and integrations between those two devices can influence the purchase of each. With plenty of reasons for us to be thinking about it, do you want us to review Windows laptops — at least, major ones?

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Weekend poll: Do you use Digital Wellbeing?

Our work/life balance is further out of whack these days than it's ever been. Even with the best time management skills, it's hard to maintain a separation when you're doing that work from home, and often on your personal devices. But tools like Google's Digital Wellbeing can make it a bit easier to stay focused. With it included in plenty of recent phones, do you use any of Digital Wellbeing's tools on your Android phone?

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Weekend poll: Are you going to get a OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro?

OnePlus' new 8 and 8 Pro are official, sporting pretty high-end specs and a similarly higher price than last year's phones. Now that you've had a bit of time to mull it over, are you considering picking one up?

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Weekend poll: What version of Android does your phone run?

With Android 10 now rolled out to most of the phones that are likely to get it (barring a few exceptions), and us keeping a close eye on device updates, it's time to compare numbers. What version of Android is your phone running right now? We're especially curious to see how our reader's numbers compare to the newly discovered ones published by Google in Android Studio.

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Weekend poll: Have you signed up for the Android Police newsletter?

We've all got our own ways of getting the news. There are plenty of sources out there (including us), and lots of different ways to consume it — from video to audio to this: the written word. And if you prefer to have that news delivered rather than seeking it out, you should check out the Android Police newsletter.

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Weekend poll: Have you used a grocery delivery app?

Although many of us are told to stay indoors during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we still need essential goods like food and cleaning products. Some folks have turned to grocery delivery services and apps in the meantime, which offer the convenience of in-home delivery — or, at least, fast and easy pickup if you can make it to the supermarket.

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Weekend poll: Which streaming video services do you subscribe to?

There are tons of different streaming services out there between individual network providers, live TV services, online-only venues, and piles of more niche choices. Individually, they might all be cheaper than a cable TV subscription, but $7.99 here and $9.99 there can add up over time. We're all connoisseurs for our own tastes, so which paid video streaming services do you subscribe to?

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