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Weekend poll: Did you pre-order one of Google's new Pixel 3s?

This was The Big Week here at Android Police. Google finally revealed the much-leaked Pixel 3. Historically, the Pixels have been some of the most popular devices among our readers. Even though criticism of this year's phones seems a bit stronger, it's easy for a vocal minority to drown out the silent majority. So now it's time to ask the question: Did you pre-order one of Google's new Pixels?

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Weekend poll: Will you be watching Google's Pixel event this week?

Google's October event, where the company is expected to formally reveal the much-leaked Pixel 3 phones (among other hardware), is a mere two days away. The joke this year is that Google won't have anything to actually say, given the volume of leaks for this year's hardware. But there could still be a few surprises in store. That said, will you be watching this Tuesday's upcoming Made by Google event?

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Weekend poll: Do you subscribe to YouTube Premium?

Almost everyone watches YouTube — if not regularly, at least occasionally. The service is a functional monopoly when it comes to online video. It's also ad-supported, and while those advertisements aren't anywhere near as annoying or ridiculous as contemporary television, they are a noticeable part of using YouTube. With benefits like offline use, background playback, YouTube Music, and no advertisements, I'm curious how many of our readers have elected to pay for YouTube Premium.

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Weekend poll: What version of Android does your phone run?

I'm sure at least a few of you felt betrayed by last week's poll, so in light of the T-Mobile G1 announcement anniversary, we'll be doing the most purely Android poll we can. It's a classic, too. The last time we asked this question, neither Pie nor Oreo had been released, so we're curious to see how the numbers have changed.

What version of Android does your phone run?

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Weekend poll: Are you getting one of the new iPhones?

I know, I know, we're the Android Police, so I'm sure the vast majority of our readers will answer "No" when it comes to buying one of Apple's new iPhones. Still, Android doesn't exactly exist in a vacuum, and a surprising number of our readers use iOS. We'll keep it our secret, this is just between you and me — and the rest of our readers, I suppose. At least the results are anonymous.

Are you thinking about picking up a new iPhone?

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Weekend poll: How many widgets do you have on your home screen?

When Google Fit's 2018-era Material redesign landed a couple weeks back, our readers were quickly upset that Google killed the app's home screen widget. At first, I thought it was possible that we might see it return in an update, but scrolling through the list of widgets available on my phone, it struck me that Google doesn't really seem to care about them in 2018. Most are single-action icons superseded by app shortcuts, and many that aren't languish with dated designs. Even Chromebooks can't use widgets, though they have Android app support and plenty of desktop space to make use of them.

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Weekend poll: Do you typically disable the flash on your phone's camera?

There are a lot of general questions we have when it comes to how people use their phones here at Android Police, but sometimes they can be hard to articulate or bring to mind. This weekend's question comes courtesy of one of our readers, who wonders: How many of you turn off or disable the flash for your smartphone cameras?

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Weekend poll: What do you think of the Pixel 3 XL (so far)?

Pixel 3 XL leaks have been happening hard and fast, from a full unboxing including video to basically every possible angle. While it's likely that more surprises are coming, it certainly feels like we know almost everything about the larger of Google's (presumably two) upcoming phones. If you've been following along with the leaks as they land, what's your opinion?

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Weekend poll: Is your phone rooted?

Android has evolved quite a lot into the operating system we know and love today, but years ago, many enthusiasts (including me) actively plugged its earlier feature gaps via a process called "rooting." In brief, rooting allows us to make modifications at the system level—though it does so at the cost of potentially reduced security, among other risks.

About every two years we like to check in and see how many Android enthusiasts out there continue to root their devices, and here we are again. Do you (still?) root your Android phone?

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Weekend poll: Will you be getting Samsung's Galaxy Note9?

Samsung formally revealed the Note9 just a few days ago, and although the phone's physical design may not be too revolutionary, the bump in specs and features should make an impression on fans of Samsung's S Pen-equipped series. There new don't-call-it-a-stylus has some cool tech inside it as well, combining inductive power with a quick-charging supercapacitor. So has the Note9 won you over?

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