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Yota Devices declares bankruptcy following legal fights with display manufacturer

In an era where most smartphones all look and function mostly the same, it's always a shame to see more interesting designs fall flat. Russian-based phone manufacturer Yota, best known for its line of Yota Phone devices with rear e-ink screens, has declared bankruptcy and all its assets will be liquidated.

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Yotaphone 3 officially announced with 5.5" AMOLED front panel, 5.2" E-Ink rear screen, and SD625

We learned earlier in the year that Yota's third generation dual-screen device would be announced around this time, and sure enough, the Yotaphone 3 is now official. The last two phones had a certain charm to them, especially the Yotaphone 2, and the novel E-Ink rear display that sets Yota's devices apart is unsurprisingly still the main attraction. The most noticeable change is that the phone has followed the general trend and increased in screen size. Here we have a 5.5" 1080p AMOLED display on the front and a 5.2" 720p E-Ink panel on the rear.

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YotaPhone 3 will arrive later this year and start at $350

Pictured: YotaPhone 2

Every once in a while, a smartphone comes to the market with a totally unique feature or form factor. There was the Galaxy S4 Zoomthe dual-screen Kyocera Echo, and Samsung's projector phone to name a few. The original YotaPhone, which included an e-ink display on the back side, certainly fits into this category.

The YotaPhone 2 was released in late 2014 for some regions, but the North American release was cancelled.

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