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Xiaomi Announces MIUI 8 And The Gigantic Mi Max

With every phone it releases, it feels like Xiaomi gets a little more mainstream in the West. Today, it's announcing two new products: MIUI 8, a major new version of the company's Android-based OS; and the Mi Max, which has a crazy-big 6.44-inch screen.


For a while now, MIUI (pronounced Me UI, although I always want to pronounce it like an acronym) has been the premier Chinese Android-based OS. While I haven't had a chance to try it out recently as I have no phone that runs it, it looks like the OS is much more mature than previously, which is good.

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A Bunch Of Xiaomi Devices Get TWRP Support, Alongside Other Hardware

I'm not going to tell you why you may want to install a custom recovery. You already know you need one to replace your default ROM or make carbon copies of your device's current state. And you know that the Team Win Recovery Project's custom recovery is at the top of your list of options.

Now TWRP has arrived for quite a few devices, including a buttload of Xiaomi phones. We're talking about the Mi 2 and Mi 4, along with their various versions. There's the Redmi 3, Redmi Note 2, and even the Mi Pad. These make the list not long after the Redmi Note 3 did the same.

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Team Win Recovery Project Is Now Available For Xiaomi's Redmi Note 3

Thanks to enthusiast-focused hardware, low prices, and easy-to-modify software, Xiaomi's phones have become extremely popular among ROM fans in China. (And not for nothing, more than a few of them might want something aside from Xiaomi's heavily-modified Android user interface.) One of the latter low-price phones from the company is the Redmi Note 3, and it now has its own custom recovery from the standard-bearers at Team Win.

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Four Of The Xiaomi Mi 5's Stock Wallpapers Are Available For Download


A Quick Look At The Xiaomi Mi 5 At MWC 2016 (Video)

We had a chance to quickly go hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi 5 at MWC directly after its announcement this morning, and I know what your first question is: will I even be able to buy one? Answer: probably not. Xiaomi said China and India would be launch markets with "some other countries" following down the road, but if the company planned to make a big to do of opening up new markets for their hardware, I have a feeling they'd have made a lot more noise at this launch.

With that said, should you want one, even knowing you probably won't be able to through anything but 3rd-party retailers (and likely with non-functional 4G)?

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Xiaomi Mi 5 Becomes Official—Snapdragon 820, Up To 4GB RAM With 128GB Storage, 5.15-Inch FHD Display, NFC, Fingerprint Sensor, Android Marshmallow, And More

Despite not much of a western presence, Xiaomi is rapidly becoming one of the largest phone manufacturers in the world. At Mobile World Congress, the company has unveiled its new flagship product: the Xiaomi Mi 5.

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[Update: Xiaomi Statement] Xiaomi Devices Sold By No-Name US Carrier Are Not "Legit," Sales Likely Not Condoned By Xiaomi

An article on PC Mag published earlier today claims that US Mobile is the "first legit" Xiaomi and Meizu carrier in America. This is, frankly, misleading. To clarify immediately: some US T-Mobile MVNO that no one has heard of is working with an electronics distributor in Hong Kong to sell gray market Xiaomi and Meizu devices on its online store, and they don't even support US LTE bands.

As you can see, that quickly makes use of the word "legit" to describe US Mobile's relationship with Xiaomi or Meizu devices highly questionable in any context but "the phones were not stolen."

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Xiaomi Customers Are Frustrated By The Manufacturer's Convoluted (And Possibly Biased) Bootloader Unlock Program

Any grizzled veteran of the aftermarket Android community (well, grizzled, in the sense that said community has been around for less than a decade) knows that users complaining about bootloaders is nothing new. Locked phone bootloaders with no user-accessible unlock option have become less of a contentious issue of late, now that customers on Neolithic carriers like AT&T and Verizon have more hardware options. But frustration is brewing in the growing and dedicated fanbase of Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi.

The XDA-Developers blog reports that Xiaomi has added locked bootloaders to several of its phones, including the Redmi Note Pro, Mi 4c, and Mi Note Pro, some of which are getting new bootloaders installed with the latest firmware.

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Xiaomi Announces The Redmi 3 With A Snapdragon 616, 5-Inch 720p Display, And 4100mAh Battery For About $100

Xiaomi has been pushing the envelope with its mid-range devices in the last few years with low price points and impressive hardware. The just-announced Redmi 3 takes things to a new level, though. For the equivalent of $106 (RMB 699), you get a phone with a brand new Snapdragon chip, a metal chassis, and a massive 4100 mAh battery. And when I say "you," I don't really mean you personally, most likely. This phone is launching in China only for the time being.

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MIUI 7.1 OTA Update Now Rolling Out To Devices, ROM Available To Download

If you own a Xiaomi device, and you probably don't if you live outside of Asia, then you're familiar with MIUI. This build of Android ships on all of the company's devices. 7.0 arrived a couple months ago, and now folks are receiving the first update of 2016, version 7.1.

The update is small, and so are many of the tweaks. The file manager has changed private folders to "Hidden Folders," which let you hide files from view and protect them with a password. The code will be the same one guarding your lockscreen unless you leave your phone unlocked.

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